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Thanks for the suggestions, guys. If it were the code making it zoom, then it would be zoomed on another device and it's not(I checked it on a mac). It's my Windows 8.1 combined with a high rez screen that is zooming the browsers independent of the usual in-browser zoom controls as I checked that the in-browser zoom was at 100%.


That means, the pictures have no problems. The HTML/CSS code is enlarged the image from its actual size. Check the size how its defined by the Source code by using the Browser's Inspect Element. The width and height might be differ from the actual size of the image.


I copied the images to look at them in Photoshop and Paint, and they were both sharp and displayed smaller. There's the key to your problem. If you just copy-pasted the images to PS, and they're smaller there than they are in browser, your browser is upscaling them, thus enlarging the pixels and giving you the blurry view. Check your CSS again. ...

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