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Why not put black lines over the white blocks underneath? i think the problem could be the fat white lines it makes it harder to control the black strokes around it so separate them. Cheers


The light modulation on this flower is hellishly hard. You are doing a great job. Honestly you are on the right track, and I don't have as much of a problem as you seem to. One thing you seem to be struggling with is the idea that the veins are separate from the structure. On the lighter petals, especially the central one, you can see that the petals are ...


You can use the Blob brush tool using calligraphic pens. This will not draw a line with different stroke size properties, but it will create a shape path, according to the line you have just created. Basically it does the same as expand appearance, but every time you draw a line and on every line you have drawn that is not locked.

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