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I've noticed a similar bug, but it usually only happens when you're working at a high level of zoom. Two examples where such a thing happens: Working at 500% zoom, using brush with pressure variance Working at 100% zoom, using a brush with pressure variance, and then scaling it down by roughly 20% Try working at 100% zoom. If you need to scale down your ...


Since this didn't close yet, and I actually have a decent answer, I'm just gonna post.. When I did fine art outside/away from my studio, I used Turpenoid Natural, or Odorless Turpentine. It's basically a paint, pigment or ink thinner(mineral spirit). If you aren't going to be switching colors then you could get away with having a damp rag. But if you plan ...


I've found it works to just select with the magic wand and hit the paint bucket 6 or 7 times at a high tolerance.


I found the answer using this: Is there a way to copy live path effects from one object to another in Inkscape?, but first using Remove Path Effects so that two of the same effects are not pasted on top of each other.

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