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Ok, so i found a solution to this. Edit the "5 pt round brush" (by double clicking it), change "Size" to something low like 0,5 pt. Save the new brush and edit stroke size to 2 pt. This solved the problem for me, hope it helps someone else :)


As far as I am aware, colored brushes are not possible in Photoshop. As for your alternative question though, definitely! Just use gradient maps. For instance: If you have a grayscale gradient like this: And you apply the following gradient map to it (accessible from image/adjustments or as an adjustment layer): You'll get the following new ...


Start with this: Create a new layer in 50% gray, then use Add Noise (about 3%, Gaussian) to make your flat gray layer grainy. Set it to Linear Light blend mode. Use the eraser / mask out the parts of the layer you don't want grain on, like the hill and sky: Now add a gradient map from teal at 0%, to beige at 60%, to white at 100%. Optional: Save ...


Let's say you have a layer. This layer has two fills. Your primary fill is blue. Your secondary fill is a gradient, with the angle somewhere between 85 and 60 degrees, from white (or black) 100% to white(or black) 100%. Your secondary fill sits on top of the primary. Apply film grain (or grain, depends on how you'd like your final graphic to look like) on ...

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