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You can do this in Photoshop with custom brush you need to define (rectangle shape) and then play with the settings (remember that "roundness" in this case will be thickness of the shape. This is what you could get. In illustrator the easiest way (for me) would be do create few different patterns, fill objects with them, then expand and multiply and ...


If I understand your situation correctly, you could use the method I described here: Technique for finding the centerline of a curved object. Essentially you use the blend tool with 1 step. You may need to split your stroke in to more manageable sections before you begin for the blend to work correctly. You can find a more in depth explanation in the ...


You may just need to Window - Stroke, click the up-and-down-arrow button of the left to the stroke text in the tab if necessary to see the Dashed Line option, uncheck the the option and you will see what's in the book.


I know this post is a little cold but for anyone still running into this issue, set the roundness to 100% under the 'Calligraphic Brush Options' along with your size set with a variable of 'Pressure' (plus a point value for the 'Variation') and you should be good to go! From there you can fine-tune the look of the stroke by adjusting other values such as the ...

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