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Zylot is the software that I will recommend for billing and invoicing. Not sure which tool is best for tracking time, but I personally use a custom software for the same. I normally prefer free tools(but not open source - just because of the pain it yields) as I work for an SMB and we dont initially invest(hugely) on any software. Zylot is completely free ...


One thing you can try to make the text selectable would be processing the PDF with OCR in Acrobat. Assuming that text is at a decent resolution, there should be almost no errors.


I am able to create PDFs from both PS and IL which have text which is editable in Acrobat, so physically the capability exists. The vendor may be choosing not to give you editable files (or argue that they have to charge you 3X rate for them) because they feel it would allow you to alter and/or recreate them, allowing you to cut them out of the process and ...

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