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Any work requested after the project has finished, has been signed off on and final files have been delivered, is a new job. Charge accordingly. If it is a small revision, charge for an hours work. Even small revisions take time. It takes time to find files and resources, re-export and prepare deliverables, upload, email etc. Even a 5 minute revision can ...


One posible answer is: Charge them. Stipulate that on a contract. The madness won't stop untill the pocket says stop! You can stipulate that any change in the source document length will be charged with $XYZ. The first 10 typo corrections are free of charge but $1 each aditional one. Aditionally take a look at InCopy


Consider composing a short document "Guidelines for submitting documents." In this, specify the desirable and reasonable practices you want/need to perform your part of the project. Offer limited (two) "Authors' Alterations" (AAs), because stuff happens, if it has been dated and submitted in reasonable form. Who is responsible for proofreading, copy ...


Some designers and production people I know will allow an agreed-upon reasonable number of changes; after that, they charge for the additional time it takes to make any changes AND a base charge for opening the project file. If the client knows there's going to be a $50 or 100 charge for each comma s/he decides to move, then the comma may stay put.


Hum. Let me adress ths points, but I will add the real question here. Is your work outstanding? Really good? Average? So - so? The rest of the points depends on that question. My age doesn't help I really do not care about this, but the point related with age is experience; if your proposal really solves a comunication problem, a visual identity ...

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