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"4 color" means "CMYK only." Any Pantone solid spot colors are automatically not 4 color, because each will require its own printing plate on press. If you check your Separations Preview (Shift-F6 or Window > Output > Separations Preview) you'll see that there are CMYK plus spot colors. Each of these requires its own printing plate. Use InDesign's ...


CMYK. The Pantone matching system is a print production ink system. Print production always uses CMYK as a basis. Pantone colors have absolutely no basis in the RGB spectrum.


Illustrator is a vector illustration tool. Vector files are resolution agnostic--meaning a ppi resolution is irrelevant in this case. Send them the .ai files or a PDF created from the .ai file and that should be fine. If you are using raster effects, then set them to 150. No harm in going a bit higher than the spec. Remember that large format printing ...


I don't know if there is a way to automate it, I haven't needed to research that myself, but you can save each one individually in the Save As menu:

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