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What you are referring to is called TAC or Total Area Coverage; it is usually defined by your printer. 300% is a good personal limit, as many range from around 240 to 320. If it is personal work it is completely down to your judgement.


Thoose maximum values depend on the standard you are using. The SWOP V2 recomends a maximum value of 300%, But the Fogra 39 accept 330%. Your values are at 306% so it is ok. How theese big swaches of color are handled depends on the climate conditions on the print house, the type of inks used, etc. But they can implement measures to avoid this color to ...


As Janus suggests, it sounds like the question is actually: why do printers use CMYK? First of all, let's clarify RGB vs. CMYK. RGB is using the additive color model...meaning the colors are made from projected light. You add red, green and blue together to get pure white light. CMYK is using the subtractive (also called reflective) color model. It ...


In fact, the issue you could face is that a lot of small printers only print in Pantones and not in CMYK because they have 1-2 color small presses. In other words, their presses can only have 1-2 plates for each pass. In that case, they will do a good job in Pantone but really not in CMYK process because the CMYK separations might not be well aligned since ...

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