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CAI is right. To set your document to CMYK colour go File > Document Color Mode > CMYK Color.


I second the @joojaa's answer and would like to add that trying to match colors across different devices is really only feasible in a color calibrated workflow. I see a lot of small print shops that don't use a color calibrated workflow. Bottom line, in my experience (10 years in the industry), is: if color matching is important, use a color calibrated ...


All devices produce different colors with same values of CMYK! A cmyk value of x does not guarantee same color. So if you need the same color across devices then you need to have a fresh color profile associated with your device and the device needs to be calibrated. Only then will you know what the color is and can even attempt to come as close as ...


A 0.25 or 0.54 difference in one ink in a process mix shouldn't make a difference, but if I were you I'd just round the values up/down. So you'll have C71 M13 Y0 K0. As for the print result, there are a number of things you want to consider: Does the new printer do the same type of printing? You might find that the old printer was using a HP Indigo ...

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