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I'm having difficulty finding exactly where that setting is in 'Recolor Artwork' but I have an idea about Tints. Tints can be achieved with spot colours in print by using screens / halftones. What this does is use the same colour of ink but in less concentration - usually a pattern of dots instead of a solid field of colour. I see what you mean about ...


Set the foreground color to dark blue (the color that will replace black), the background color to white. Set the image to RGB mode if not already such: Image>Mode>RGB Set the current gradient to FG to BG (RGB) (fourth from top in Gradients list) Colors>Map>Gradient map


open the index with windows paint and save it as jpg. Then , you can edit it on photoshop as background and process that. I hope that this will help you!


You might want to take a look at this three color settings and play with them. File > Document Color Mode (this will actually modify you document color) View > Proof Colors [check/uncheck] (also try View > Poof Setup. This won't affect your actual file. It will only display a simulated color for your display.) When exporting as PDF on the left panel go to "...


Like you discovered and others have said, Lab colorspace is perfect for this. As far as how to do it with adjustment layer, well invert the lightness by moving the left side all the way up and right side all the way down. At this point it might look a little harsh. To fix that you can then bring one of the points in a little effectively reducing the tonal ...


Try the following to see why this doesn't work; - Open your image - Go to the LAB channel mode - In your channels look at the lightness channel (L) - This is your image stripped off all color - If you invert this you will see you get pretty dark shadows - no colors have been manipulated here, only the luminosity - therefore > the problem lies with the ...


Save the file as 'Save for Web', and then choose .jpeg fie type with 100% Quality. It won't display any error and you will get a High Quality Image.

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