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A different solution: use the excellent Xscope app (if you're on a Mac, that is). It has a Loupe tool, which overlaps any screen under your cursor with crosshair showing the exact color value of that pixel in many different color spaces (and HSL is one of them!). So you just hover the cursor over different parts of the image and ...


Apparently you can download from Adobe itself: It's the one called Electric Image & HSBHSL (Optional Multiplugin)


You could create a script that does this for you. Start extendscript toolkit and run following in Photoshop: var fgc = app.foregroundColor; alert(hsb_to_hsl(fgc.hsb)) // // Note: HSB and HSV is same thing function hsb_to_hsl(color) { var h = color.hue; var s = color.saturation/100; var v = ...

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