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Display manufacture's don't adhere to any standard, only to what is eye candy to consumers. Consumers don't realize overly bright and vivid colors are u realistic, not to forget contrast and brightness values get lost. Shadow detail is lost or clouds seems less detailed. It's about quantity of monetary numbers versus quality of goods. sRGB or Rec709 are ...


Okay, so here is the thing I've learned from working in a room filled with screens from the same brand: No two screens are usually identical, when it comes to color. Normally, you'd have to adjust your screen colors manually, to get the "right" colors. Your average user will probably use the default settings and the ones who do choose to calibrate will ...


I am a designer usually i send my designs to the customers by WhatsApp Web. The main problem occured while seeing the design on phone colors are very different green looks light green, Blue looks cyan. I tried to send my Jpeg images after convert to RGB. That worked. Colours are perfect. Smart Phone displays only RGB colours perfect. Not CMYK.


OK, so... I saw your question and remembered I've been meaning to write a script to do this in Illustrator. So I did it... I havn't tested it much and it could probably be cleaned up a bit but it should work (it does for me with CS6 on OS X) It takes all your selected swatches and prints the CMYK, RGB and HEX (and name if it's a Spot color) of all those ...

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