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I, personally, like to use an app called ColorSchemer on the Mac. However, I'm sure other color tools may be similar in nature. (I believe ColorSchemer is not available for Windows.) So, start with your desired wheel and pick the base color. (In this case a split-complimentary wheel with a random orange as the base color.) The app provides the other two ...


The problem is that there are many factors that can make your image look different from the screen you designed it on (brightness, calibration, light from the environment). However you can sometimes avoid your image being interpreted with the wrong profile, by making sure that the right profile is actually embedded to your image. Check Embed Color Profile ...


On the one hand there is the issue of the profile. Your Phone/Tablet is probably using a different Profile than your laptop. On the other hand you'll always get different results in color on different screens, regardless of the profiles installed. Best chances to get similar results on different machines is to use Websafe Colors i guess. hope this helps!


The subject is a bit challenging*. The short answer is: You look up the image profile, which contains the mapping to what it should look like in a known reference space. However this look-up tells you what its intended to look like, not what it originally was. So if you want to measure the values you need to have an untainted source. Basically that ...

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