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In my experience, there are two major causes of this, and both boil down to a difference between RGB and CMYK output since even a CMYK image MUST be displayed on a monitor using RGB. First, if the grey tone isn't neutral to begin with (by having too much cyan in the CMYK mix, for example) it will show in the print. The second cause may be ICC profiles. ICC ...


Make sure when you select the gray Color not to include any colors in it .. let it black only .. it must not appear in other colors channels. this will ensure the gay will be pure gray. they gray you must use is something like that Cyan:0% Magenta:0% Yellow:0% Black:50% for example


Note down the CMYK color code of the grey color you have used in the flyer. Give it to the printing guy and ask him to specify the CMYK color code before printing it. As CMYK is readable well in print, it should work here as well.


In commercial printing, the important factor is Ink Limits. In many cases, no part of a print piece can surpass 300% ink limits. What that means is you add up the % of each ink to determine the total coverage. This is just a sample to show the theory since what you posted is an RGB image and all I can do is convert it to CMYK here (Based on my color ...


Most commercial printers will provide a color proof that is ostensibly a very good representation of the final output. Probably will have an additional cost attached to it, but definitely ask about it. If they decline to offer a proof before final printing, you may want to look around elsewhere for another printer. Also, make sure your image is in CMYK ...

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