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You can use RGB colors codes as input in softwares like PS but you should be either working in CMYK mode or save the final file in CMYK mode to get the desired colors for printing. RGB (Red-Green-Blue) is the color of the light emitted from your computer monitor, and from TV's. Use RGB if you are taking photos specifically to be viewed onscreen, such as the ...


Im not sure I understand the question but RGB color or what you see on your screen will never print to match.You should generally be using CMYK for print artwork and different printers tend to print some colours differently anyways.


You only really need to worry that a) The color you use is 'in the ballpark' of the official print colors the brand dictates and b) the colors you use look and work together in relation to each other. In other words, how the colors look in relation from one display to the next really isn't nearly as important as few people will be looking at your UI on two ...


No two display devices display the same color. Even two of the same panels do not display same color as they have small differences in usage history. Also because surrounding conditions affect color perception its not possible to be exact, without specialized tools and processes. The more pedantic or accurate you are the more true this statement is. In ...

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