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Only write in HSLA. It requires very little mental gymnastics to imagine or modify colours (vs hex or RGBA), is completely equivalent to hex or RGBA in the browser, has great browser support from IE9 onwards, and if you only use HSLA you never have to change the layout of your code when you want to introduce transparency; all you do is take the 1 down to a ...


This is exactly what the HSB colour model is for. You have almost exactly named the model's variables in your question: Hue is the 'kind' of colour: red, blue, orange, yellow; Saturation is inverse with the amount of white you add to the hue; Brightness is inverse with the amount of black you add. So, to take your example colour of #F2F5F7. you can ...


Color is a complex subject (hence "The Dress"), fortunately you seem to be suffering from an unwanted color conversion. If you go to Edit > Color Settings and ensure that these settings are set as follows... Working Spaces The important thing here is that they match in both programs. This will have little effect after the rest of the settings are applied ...


You could check the color settings in both Photoshop and Illustrator to see if they have the same working space. If you are pasting from sRGB to say AdobeRGB, you are pasting between 2 different color spaces. That might cause what you are seeing, depending on the color.

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