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leaving blue untouched. before altering colors you need to calculate luminosity. Than u make colors with more luminosity brighter and with less - darker


you should consider the printing result of your logo while your "branding" for someone. What I mean you should consider the CMYK, now the blue in both logos have a very little yellow in it 1.5% and 4.5% ... in the phase of the design you should do some approximation and I think in both blue you should eliminate yellow complexly. Also the red in both ...


While there are many principles of design that are very useful, design is about intuition (hence why some people are naturally 'better at it'). In this case I would agree with you that the first design is more balanced on both black or white backgrounds. In addition, the colours are more friendly on the eye. The strong colours in the second logo are ...


I did script, now i have possible for copying colors to setup new gradient and transperency from reading on raster image. Programmatically can use all points of vector image to set new colors. But that's not all ..I had a lot of errors in locating them on a raster image, you need to know well on math. These images are not the same because of the ...


The subject is a bit challenging*. The short answer is: You look up the image profile, which contains the mapping to what it should look like in a known reference space. However this look-up tells you what its intended to look like, not what it originally was. So if you want to measure the values you need to have an untainted source. Basically that ...


I don't know why people have to make this complicated. I'd say muted colors are the opposite of pastels. While we think of pastels are loud, bright and vibrant muted colors have a grayer tone.


My best guess would be to mix transparency into each color in proportion. Eventually you'll become better at knowing your inks and your papers, and your end result will look similar to your original. For example: In a design, you have a red square that is at 70% opacity and a blue circle that is at 20% opacity. You fill two cups, one with 100ml of your red ...

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