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Yes. That's generally the accepted difference. Pro Bono, meaning "for public good" would be along the lines of designing posters for an anti-drug campaign in schools. Or Anti-smoking literature for non-profit groups like the American Outreach Association (which don't actually sell a product or service). Essentially, if the project is geared towards helping ...


Simon, here's a bit of radical advice: don't ever ask anyone to do anything "for free." Ask, rather, if they're willing to help a good cause for something other than monetary compensation. There has to be some kind of fair exchange involved, otherwise at least one of the parties involved ends up feeling sleazy, and the other feeling ripped off. There are ...


I think Scott's answer is valid and one way to look at it. I'd use a slightly different explanation. Whether it's spec or pro-bono work, you're not getting paid, and someone is benefiting from your work (at least, there's a perceived benefit). The difference is that with pro-bono, the project is treated as a proper project. There's a schedule, there's a ...


Girlfriend has a TV show on a volunteer based TV Channel. We have had a friend do the logo for free, as for him it was also good publicity (name in credits) and looked good in his portfolio. If we needed more work, where could we ask? The show is volunteer based and and a media outlet. You could probably find someone to do graphic design ...


"Where is the right place to ask for people to do free graphics work?" There is no one simple response to this. It's as much to do with the project as it is to do with locale. Consider: colleges and schools that offer courses in the skillset you require. You mention placing ads at the art college - that's a good idea. make sure any materials or efforts ...


Where is the right place to ask people to do GIS work? What about plumbing? Where can I ask people to re-roof my house? If you do a good job on my roof, I MIGHT have more work for you... As you can see, asking people to work for free is a bit of a silly concept. If you are running a non-profit you can usually find designers willing to donate their time to ...


Although I've never used it myself, I came across http://www.idealist.org/ a couple of years ago. There are volunteer projects in all disciplines on there, mainly for charities, graphic design included. Here's a graphic design listing as an example: http://www.idealist.org/view/volop/BW8gSNNb8tnp.


I have advised my gf to perhaps put up posters at the local arts uni. Also try to look for student graphic design clubs/organization within a university. A lot of the graphic design clubs are willing to do graphic design works for free to boost their experience and club portfolio.


The free in freelance doesn't mean what you think it does, and I can assure you your volunteer based TV channel still has a budget. If money really is your stumbling block then try to think of non-monetary exchanges that could benefit both parties. Ad time, swag, access to equipment, etc.

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