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No - If it LOOKS right, it IS right. You are the designer, rules are there to be broken :-) If nobody played about, everything would look the same.


No, this is quite dependent on what you're trying to accomplish. Personally I try to remain with a minimum of 5px padding and 10px margin. But again its down to how you want the page to look. Sometimes padding will do the job of the margin if the background-color is to touch the neighboring element.. ..where-as the margin would push the two ...


Wow, what a fantastic question. I don't have much for you except to quote Albert Einstein, who was obviously thinking about this very problem when he said: “Everything must be made as simple as possible. But not simpler.” ― Albert Einstein


Aside from the ouch that hurts visual aesthetic everyone else has noted, part of your problem is that the ninja star has a lot of white space around it purely by nature. You've essentially created a big square forcefield around your thin logo. That's what's bothering you. If all that air is what's tripping you up, then you need to change something else. 1) ...


General reaction to things that I can see: The mark is forceful and strong. I also get a very gothic 'death metal' type of vibe from it. Depending on the type of music we're talking about, that might be good, might be bad. The type doesn't seem to fit the mark at all, nor does it seem to contrast enough. In its current state, it feels that it's fighting ...


As much as I understand the confidentiality issue, it will be difficult to critique the positioning and type without seeing the whole thing. The E: With what I see right now, I don't get the e. It seems really top heavy and the curve at the bottom is weird (I'm guessing it's where you might have modified it?) Technically, I would be careful with the tail ...

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