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A ~620% file size reduction is asking a great deal. It's possible, but I'm not sure what restrictions should be watched, file dimensions? color depth? etc. ^^50k gif file. This is a reduction of the dimensions by 85%, set as a gif with only 32 colors in the color table. As @Ryan points out, if the text and labels were vector in nature it may allow ...


There is so many methods that reduce your PDF make sure you follow one of it or you may need "in some cases" to follow all of them. some when you export from indesign and some in Acrobat itself as a post production process. you can reduce the PDF by one of the following method. RGB color mode is less in size than CMYK images embeded in the document may be ...


You could. Depends on how you re-save it. I would select png24 8bit. That will keep the quality high.


While being compressed a png image still is lossless. If you change parts of your image and re-save the quality of the image is still the same! Sources: long personal experience german Wikipedia-page (to be extra sure)

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