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I'm picturing a still montage of the progression through life of the same person: first: child in elementary school, second: construction worker, third: executive (the latter two of whom could be the same model), all of whom are donning the splendors of your clothier, whose brand name is somewhat shamelessly stamped under each of the three characters. The ...


white background + photomanipulation where one person will wear all this three types of clothing + big colored headers with graph lines to that person


I happen to have one particular image you may find useful. I didn't create this just happen to have found it and thought it was worth adding to my scrapbook of ideas. Its simple, eloquent, and even humorous while showing 3 distinct products that are, at least in theory, for 3 distinct demographics.


You're not alone in this problem - supermarkets and department stores also often need to advertise different products to different audiences in the same space. AFAIK, there are two basic approaches. Choose the first if your brand identity suits all three products, and the second if each product requires a different personality and tone. One brand, ...


Let me answer the question itself - i.e. how to move objects together in Illustrator exactly as you ask. Assume you have this picture, where there are 5 rectangles and 4 direct lines pointing as provided - You want to move the grey rectangle to any other position in the way where all direct lines move simultaneously with the grey rectangle to the new ...


I would recommend something like: yEd, used to use this a lot, today not so much. Probably best for simple-moderately complex stuff. Good support for different formats. Gephi, for beautiful big force directed graphs. Tulip, havent used more than once seemed ok graphwiz, I use this all the time and then do final touches in illutrator. It probably produced ...


I've used a method where the boxes are actually pieces of post-it notes. Today I use cellphone sized ones because they are usually big enough. You can cut them in shape put text on them. But the best function is that you can move them about. Even better your client can move them about. The thing is the mockup stage can not look too finished. People who are ...


To be honest, you may be overthinking it, It really is just boxes on paper. Let force flow from within you. Start with the main page and build out from there. If you need structure some structure on paper, this site has some resources.. http://skysisterstudio.com/10-best-wireframe-printables/

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