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Hum. You are mixing too much issues, because you recognize you are still noob. Yoy feel the photos are not too good, but you do not know where are the errors. A bad result can be on several levels, let us call them steps. The photo a) The photo was taken with bad light conditions. Non flatering light. b) The photo has technical errors that can be ...


Two basic things to check (Gimp): exposure is about correct: Windows>Dockable dialogs>Histogram: the graph should be "balanced", and reach both ends of the range. If it seems collapsed on the right the picture is overexposed, on the left the picture is under exposed. color balance is about correct: spot an element of the picture that should be gray or ...


Colours can be a tricky thing so I would suggest that in future when designing a wireframe for your apps you work in grayscale (See step 7 here). This would help you to avoid this problem later on in your workflow as you would have an idea of where to incorporate light and dark values. In addition, as you mentioned that you are not a designer - instead of ...


Contrast is light and dark so if you are using dark colors everywhere use a lighter gray - for monochromatic. but you should definitely try to incorporate a color scheme, such as material design. Good luck!

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