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From that page, there is a link to a contrast calculator And looking at the source, we can generalize: RsRGB = Red Component / 255 GsRGB = Green Component / 255 BsRGB = Blue Component / 255 Calculate luminance R = is (RsRGB <= 0.03928) then RsRGB/12.92 otherwise ((RsRGB + 0.055)/1.055)^2.4 G = is (GsRGB <= 0.03928) then GsRGB/12.92 otherwise ...


When you put the pavement image in a new layer above the red background, I would try to do some smoothing first to make the colors more consistent. Additionally, your image is of very bad quality and you should try to use a better image of a similar pavement. When you think the quality of your image is OK, convert it into gray or black/white by thresholding ...


Put the Brick layer above the Red layer and choose and set the layer to Multiply


Place the paving stones layer above the red layer and apply a layer blending mode to the stones. Experiment until you get the effect you're after. When you select a layer, the blend mode is available in a drop down menu toward the top of the layers panel.

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