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Its' not technically stealing because you did not know that there was another company with a similar logo. However it could easily be perceived as stealing due to the similarity so I would say that to avoid legal troubles, you should tell your client the research error you have made and come up with a new logo :)


You should consult a lawyer if you want to pursue this, but the general rule of copyright is that unless you have explicitly, in writing transferred the copyright for these designs, they remain yours. This is one of those points that comes up quite frequently in the field of identity design, and I've more than once run into clients who wondered why I ...


While it's highly unlikely you'd face a lawsuit over one print, it technically wouldn't fall under 'fair use' standards, from what I see. A photographer or their employer inherently owns copyright on the image. According to U.S. copyright law, "There may be situations in which the reproduction of a photograph may be a “fair use” under the copyright law. ...


It depends from country laws, but in general the transfer of any right must be written in the contract, to be valid. If he had explicitly signed to transfer rights of produce copies or reproductions perform or display the work publicly transmit or display he can't copy and show his works, also on the Web. Otherwise he can use them, even if were paid. ...

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