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Ideas cannot be copyright. You can can be inspired by the idea but make it work for your client. I personally wouldn't copy it but try to include a design aspect from the app that already exists into the icons like color or patterns for example.


Standard disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. You should get one, if you are concerned about possible legal issues. Of course, they have. You just cannot grant more rights than you have obtained, so there is no option for you to release a derivative work as a whole┬╣ to the public domain, or under any free/libre license, or in general any license, that is more ...


Here's a question/possible solution: Everything that is prepared for print has a digital version, so would it not suffice to include full attribution in the metadata of the digital image? This would not only ensure that the attribution is complete, but that it will follow the image wherever it goes, even if someone crops the attribution off of it. Who ...

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