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The reason for that box is because some PDF output versions do not support transparencies and transparent blending modes. A shadow on a color should be in multiply mode, which a standard pdf for print won't support, so that portion of your pdf is rasterized with the simulated shadow on that pice. (Open your pdf and move the shadow-object and see it for ...


First make sure the top image is the only layer, so if there's a default white background layer then delete it. Layer → Layer Style → Blending Options Under This Layer at the bottom see how the left part of the white is moved in. Hold Alt and drag that part of the slider with your mouse until its to your liking.


You simply can not prepare an exact two dimensional file for a Sphere. This has being the problem for making acurate maps of the earth and visual apealing at the same time. Here is a recopilation of diferent maps trying "to solve" the problem: What you can do is a projection. What type of ...


You have 3 options. 1) Put the lines behind the black circle. 2) Put the lines inside the colorfull circle (white) with Power Clip. 3) Convert the lines to path (Ctrl+Q) and then cut them with the black circle. (I am not sure what is the name of the Window because I am not using the last version of Corel and mine is in spanish, but it is a dockable window ...

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