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I would recommend tackling this problem as a print merge: prepare a text file with the numbers you'll be needing (1 per line), then use it to perform a print merge on a readymade design, with the number from your text file inputted into each card that requires it. Then perform the merge - you should end up with 40 pages (or however many numbers you had) of ...


If you use the shape tool to select all the nodes in your shape, then drag the Reduce nodes value (in the property bar at the top) upwards/to the right (by how much is up to you), you'll be able to limit the number of nodes (you should be able to see how many nodes you have selected in the status bar). Between that and the add/remove node option in the ...


This is an old question, but just in case it's useful to someone else - X6 has a tool specifically for this, it's called Smart Fill, and you can find it in the toolbox. Here's a tutorial.

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