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I think of you as some cartoonist, or some other person who likes to use a pencil a lot. Web designing is the last things that comes to my mind. I liked your design btw.


Here are some thoughts that hopefully arn't too off topic. In some cases it may be better to leave out some of the information on the image and place that in the message area on Facebook. One suggestion, have the only text on the image be "$40 OFF MOBILE CAR DETAILING. Example You could add the phone number to the top right. You can get more creative ...


The key is proper contrast between text and the background. When you put text on an image, this is always a challenge. It becomes especially challenging when you have a photo like this, where there is no one particular are of dark or lightness overall. To fix that you need to layer in your own elements to create contrast. Here's but a couple of examples. ...


My suggestion is to create narrow white rectangle box spanning the entire image width and place the discount info in that box. Use simple fonts, no glow or anything just contrasting color for the font. The rest of the info goes just below that white box with contact info on the bottom left corner.


First of all my suggestion would be to ensure that the aspect ration of the image is maintained. This is one of the most important aspect of making any design aesthetically pleasing. Secondly, my suggestion would be to create a tab on the side of the image, (As I think you have a narrower image than required. This tab can be of the color you want and can ...

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