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In general I would stick with 1 or 2 versions at max. If you create multiple versions of your logo for different platforms / uses your customers, visitors etc. might get confused pretty quick as they might not be able to recognize your company that well. Simple example. Company brand. Black panther. What did you think of? Now imagine they would use ...


Along with the previous answers, there is Desinion. You can present two variations of your logo design along with a question and members can vote accordingly. An example question could be something like: "Which variation communicates _______ more effectively?"


I would place the logo in a white container having the shape of these on the background (the white ones) and I would definitely change the outline from black to background color. That way you'd achieve both better connection between the logo and your design and a nice, simple stand-out logo.


To measure the success of two or more website versions you can use A/B Testing coupled with an analytics service to compare a wide range of metrics such as time spent on page, click-through-rate (CTR), buttons/links interacted with most and much more. Once you compare those metrics with a large enough data set you should be able to see what's working well, ...


So I am not sure what it is exactly you are looking for so I am just going to take the opportunity to give you feedback on the design. I think the labels are too far away from the input boxes, this can me it confusing for users to keep track of what they are filling in. The social media buttons are far more prominent than the submit button. Not online in ...

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