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Try for symmetry unless asymmetry is the objective – in your particular case you are modeling after geography, but maybe you do not have to be as explicit. The design could improve significantly if the radiating frequencies were symmetrical in both the horizontal and vertical direction. Is there a way to convey the geography without as much asymmetry? ...


My personal benchmark for Logos: Draw your logo with a pen (without seeing your draft). I feel that's a good way to check if you got a unique, memorable shape. The second, of course, is to fax it to someone and see if more than a black square appears. Thats good for checking if your logo works in black and white.


To add to the above comments, my major concern pertains to the various angles present in the font and design. The general design scheme is all aobut outlines; however, the bottom portion, top left portion and top right portions of the "F"s have different angles. This makes for a disruptive visual. My opinion is that the top right portion's angle should ...


I think that the logical, expected order of the three phones is not immediately apparent on first glance, and the explanatory text is necessary if you want to keep the current placement. Or you could move the shiny new phone down to the bottom to make for a more logical and easily recognized flow.


How do you first read this poster? how does it flow? The first thing I found was that its awkward and had to search for #1 then #2 and so on. IF you're going to have a numbered list the design needs to be reconsidered so that they go in a sequential order from top to bottom. Not 1 on top right, 2 on bottom middle, and 3 back at the top. Is the use ...


It looks very good. Everyone can clearly understand the service without the 3 step explanation. The cracked iPhone could look more like a shattered glass plate, rather than a textured surface. I don't like the copy (and the order of 3,1,2) because it is unnecessary. The logo on the fixed iPhone is gauche. That large logo on the iPhone makes me subconsciously ...


If you are working on a re-design I would create a sitemap of the site to determine the hierarchy effectively. There is too much text there and it needs to be dialed down. Even if you remove the links you will be facing an issue with ""how many clicks does it take". If it takes a visitor, if I recall from an article I read many years ago, more then three ...

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