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What I found is that the Windows Photo app decreases the quality of the pic while viewing, whereas if you view the same .jpeg pic in the Windows Photo Viewer, it looks much crispier. Infact, if you try to use the editing tool from the Photos app, you will see that while editing it retains the quality of the pic. I am never using Photos app again for viewing ...


HEX CMYK Converter, is a fast app to convert units of color: CMYK to HEX, very useful for graphic designers and web designers


Since others have commented about monitor calibration, I'll talk about another issue it might be. The issue is likely to do with how browsers interpret the CMYK values, since computers display in RGB. To quickly answer your question, there is nothing you can do to change how a CMYK image will be displayed inside an RGB color space, that I'm aware of anyway....

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