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Image > Canvas Size... Simply enter the size you want, set the way you want the canvas to expand, and click OK. Note: Canvas Size is not the same as Image Size. Canvas size changes your canvas without altering the size of anything else.


I'm not sure how to reduce the image size without resizing the layers, but just in case someone else isn't able to provide you with a more direct solution: Couldn't you make a new document at the appropriate size, put all your layers + groups into one parent group in OldDocument, and then just transfer the parent-group over to NewDocument? Drag-and-drop the ...


In Photoshop you have to select the shape you wanted to delete some of the area. Make sure the Direct Selection Tool is active. Then create the shape you wanted to intersect on the shape, then select subtract from path operations as for your question. There are other options like: Combine, Subtract, Intersect and Exclude


You could also select both and make it a compound path. Select both with smaller form on top Object -> Compound Path -> Make Shortcut: Ctrl+8


This will involve a massive change in the design, because (given the quantity of mountainous terrain) the text and house outline will be overwhelmed. The southern mountains stomp all over the text, and the strong curve formed by the valley conflicts with, well, everything you have there now. In your shoes I would counsel against making that change, both ...

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