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In the pages panel, select the cover page thumbnail. Right-click it and select "Numbering & Section Options" In the Numbering & Section Options dialog, change the Page Numbering style to something like A, B, C or i, ii, iii and click OK. This will number the entire document in this style, and that's OK. Next, select the thumbnail for the page you ...


Acrobat (and Indesign) have specific features to overcome this. PDF actual page numbering uses the literal pages for numbering. You can't tell Acrobat to "ignore the first page" because, well, that page exists so a PDF reader needs to acknowledge it is there. However, if you section your Indesign file and use a prefix for the front matter numbering, you can ...


This is pretty easy with CS1-3 or CS6+: Install and run Trevor Morris' Layers to Comps script. Run the built-in "Layer Comps to PDF..." script. That's it. If you're running CS4 or 5, the "Layer Comps to PDF..." script is not available. In that case, Eric's answer is probably the best you can do.


Removing one side of the shape might be a workaround, BUT! You won't be able to align the stroke to inside or outside, it will always be central A better solution would be expanding the stroke (in case you need an inside or outside alignment for it)


If you are exporting SVGs here is a super easy way: Copy the shape you wish to export to the clipboard. Open Terminal Type pbpaste > someFileName.svg Your SVG will be ready to go in whatever directory you'd like. Bonus step Download SVGO and compress your SVG with svgo someFileName.svg

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