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I have a feeling that you could do that with ActionReference, but I've got no idea how. ...however, I wrote this script that should work, but it's also kind of stupid... Both of these are based on the knowledge that if you group a Clipping mask base layer, it groups it and every single layer attached to it. This is the only type of layer that acts this ...


If you are working in CS5 or older, but using a file from CS6 or newer, try this: -Go to your "Swatches" window -Click the options symbol in the upper right hand corner -Select "Spot Colors..." from the drop-down menu -Select "Use Lab Values specified by the book manufacturer" This fixed my issue! I believe it's because CS6 and newer use only Lab color ...


Have you checked this setting? Edit > Preferences > User Interface Choose your desired Brightness Make sure "Match User Interface Brightness" is selected for Canvas Color Let me know if that helped!


Sorry, ID doesn't work that way; it's not like Photoshop. If you open the CS5 document in any later version of the program, it will convert it. You don't have the option to save an earlier InDesign file; you can only save as an IDML. If you don't want multiple documents, then either don't work on it in CS6, or save the IDML in CS5 immediately when you get ...


I've always done this a different way. To start with, try using guides on the page to mark the edges of your element, like so... Now use the Elliptical Marquee Tool to highlight the required image:


With the Marquee Tool selected, you also expand your selection holding the shift key + click and drag. That would add up to your existing selection. You can also subtract, holding the alt key + click and drag. There's also the option of clicking inside the selection and dragging, to change its position. That was already mentioned though. You can feather ...


If I understand correctly you'd like to either move it or manipulate the selection. Moving it is as easy as staying on the marquee tool and dragging the circle where you would like it. If you need to manipulate it a bit after the fact, then you can choose "transform selection" which is located under the "Select" menu at the top. Hope this helps.

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