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I'm not sure why your InDesign doesn't interpret well that transparency. Maybe you need to use PDFx or check your export settings. Personally I don't use much drop shadows and transparency in these software because of that kind of surprise or the white rectangles it often creates on the PDF. It's alright for printing but if you need that file for web too, ...


This was the easiest solution. Up to step 8. Essentially you convert the text to a shape -> transform path -> pull bottom right anchor down ( or left depending which side you want warped )


I can't directly reference CS5. I no longer have it available to work in. However... You can't do this easily with Live Type. But you can create a smart object of the type (or rasterize the type) then transform. Converting type to a shape layer would also allow the transformation to work. Really, using a smart object with live type may be best because you ...


To resolve this issue, I did the following: Edit> image size Select "Resample": Preserve Details change "Resolution:" to 72 for both images ( I used 72, but as long as both images are the same here it should be fine) hope this can help ...also, under view, I select "print size" to see the actual onscreen size (for this to work, make sure Edit > ...

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