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What a mess, to lift ourselves out of the rabbit hole we need to a bit of a lengthy explanation. Warning wall of text! TL:DR Pixelation is not defined so it descries many unrelated/related problems, so explanations vary. On pixelation People see different things for different terms for multiple overlapping things. When people use the term "pixelated" ...


Actually you could reset the work space each time your illustrator is started. Make a startup script with extendscript that calls something like: app.sendScriptMessage("Adobe Custom Workspace" , "Switch Workspace", '<workspace="Essentials" >'); Then it will reset the work space each time you start


You can't lock the workspace but if you keep modifying it I would suggest backing up the file: Windows: -C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS6\Presets\en_US\Workspaces Mac : -Mac HD/applications/adobe illustrator cs6/presets/en_us/workspaces


Updated Feb 9,2016: Listed answer in question's body of text. Updated Jun 9,2016: Moved answer text to answer section. In the five days since I asked this question, the "easiest" workaround I could figure out is thus. I am also posting this as a reference for myself and others with a similar question, despite it not being the answer. In Edit Colors, ...


In the Pathfinder palette's options, under Pahthfinder Options, there's a checkmark for an option 'Remove Redundant Points' that does exactly this:

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