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Have your text on its own layer. Convert to Smart Object (can be done on Layer Menu, Filter Menu, or Layer Panel) Edit Distort Align the angled sides first: Then adjust for the size you want it to be on the straight sides: Alternative Draw your side and text flat. Select both layers and convert to smart object Distort them with the text already ...


You can not reflow text across frames with anything other than InDesign. What you are seeking is not possible. What you may be able to do is have everyone work on the text in a Word file. You can then link that text file to the InDesign document. So, changes to the Word file are automatically updated within InDesign. This will not allow others to view the ...


Coming to this a little late, but I found the problem to be replicable on all machines I have running any version of InDesign from CS6 onwards. It occurs when a graphic containing an alpha channel ("transparency" in the case of PNG, or the existence of any layer other than "background" for PSD) is displayed in InDesign at a size other than 100% (the image, ...


There is good and simple way to do that

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