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Sure its possible. Use the pen tool click once and exit pen tool (select any other tool, or hold Ctrl and click to clear selection)


Have you tried to redraw in illustrator? This is a very simply image, will not take more than 15 minutes to do. You can't just resize a image larger without quality loss. Also you can try to rasterize it: Select the image > Image trace > Sketched Art Result:


You appear to be using a legacy version of Illustrator. In Illustrator CC you can highlight embedded images in the Links Panel and choose Unembed... fromt eh Links Panel Menu which will bring up the Save As dialog window allowing you to save the image separately. If the image is indeed a link, you would highlight it in the Links Panel and choose Edit ...


You can’t export linked images in AI. The linked window only shows a summary which lists all thumbnails that I linked in your AI document. In case the original image exist on your computer, try the palette option: „Edit the original“ which opens the original image file in an image editing program.

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