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You could seperate each line as its own line then maipulate each line as you like. This could still cause problems but you can move the lines as your asking. Cheers


This is great online tool to create CSS gradients and use generated code on your design: www.colorzilla.com/gradient-editor/


It depends on the importance of the notification message for your user. If it is highly important you should make it more visible choosing colors and opacity that can highlight your message. If it is not of that much importance compared to other things on the page then keep it light and not distracting.


There's different ways to answer this. Purely from a visual/graphic design standpoint, yes, you can space your text in any way you see fit to make it look good. Often we need to adjust typography optically by hand to make things 'feel' right even if mathematically they are off. Technically, it depends on the context of your markup. If this is one ...


Sure, it's perfectly acceptable. There's no rule saying you can't. With that being said, the two things you have to consider most are Responsiveness - If the screen or container size is too small then some text may be pushed to the next line which messes up the whole styling. Changing text later on - If the text is changed on a later date to something ...


You can use css :after selector to give shadow dom element the background color and opacity. This will not effect to p tag. Here is jsfiddle http://jsfiddle.net/vjandrei/fyvc3ejy/2/

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