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Don't worry about the fonts as this will just automatically happen depending upon the device. Be sure to supply a mock up and at 100%. Images best to plan that they all can be doubled / tripled evenly. 10, 20, 30 etc. artwork at 100% as above then export as needed if using an app like Sketch. Hope this helps.


Web-fonts There are 2 ways you can go about defining web-fonts with @font-face. The first, and probably most common (I believe most generators, Font Squirrel for example, will output this) is to define each font file (i.e. each weight and style) with its own unique family name. @font-face { font-family: 'YourFont'; src: url('your_font.ttf') format('...


As a web developer you really should know at least the basics of JavaScript. You can achieve a lot of visual effects purely with CSS but there is a lot you can do with JavaScript that simply can't be done with CSS. Where JavaScript really comes in to play is adding functionality and interactivity. Try turning JavaScript off and using this site and you'll ...


The primary balance you have to be especially careful of when using a technique like scroll points is a balance of control. You don't want to unnecessarily take away or curb a user's control if you can help it because they are used to navigating in a particular way. (The slides linked throughout this post are from my talk on meaningful animations) When I ...

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