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Just a suggestion - you might be dealing with a non-linear timeline when certain steps need to be repeated, such as insurance changing requirements or requesting additional supporting information from doctor's office, or patient changing their set billing preferences through the process. So it's more of a logical flow chart with with loops and redirects ...


Use a vertical timeline instead of a horizontal timeline. In this way you have a "table view" which we're all much more familiar with for fast reading/scanning for information, and the space for text is significantly greater. And we're all now familiar with this scrolling from using our phones the last 5+ years.


A pie chart whose sectors extend variably from its center is generally called a polar area chart. There are probably many more but I know chart.js can create these with no problem.


Start by drawing a circle using the Circle tool, whilst holding down Ctrl Turn on "Snap to object centre" & "Snap to rotation centre" and create guides that snap to the centre of the circle With the circle tool and circle still selected, you can calculate the arc length you desire by expressing it as a percentage fraction X 360. i.e. (25/100)*360 ...

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