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I think the only way for you to decide upon a colour - and other characteristics - is to evaluate the purpose of the border. It must have a purpose, even more than one; if it doesn't it's unnecessary. A distinction that I think is important, is that despite being called simply a border by CSS, you are actually defining a border stroke. The definition of a ...


Frog Design is an industrial design firm that did a lot of early design for Apple hardware. In that context, "Frog Design Language" would refer to the overall style that was recognizably Frog's. "Metro Design Language" is a fancy way to say "Metro UI Style Guide". Well designed systems--be they Corporate Identities, User Interfaces, etc, will have a ...


'Manually' align to eye That's your answer. The task of aligning type is pretty much relegated to the 'trained eye'. The reason is that optically aligning type doesn't usually have any relation to mechanically aligning it. In other words, the computer simply can't figure out what looks right visually--only mathematically. Some tips: large round ...

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