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It is called a Laurel Wreath:


I recommend you shop for art and design tools, not computers. Look at pens and apps without caring about the underlying platform. When you find the pen and apps that you like best, you don’t have to do any computer shopping at all, you just buy the platform that your pen and apps require. It is better to spend $300 on tools and $700 on the platform than to ...


Many Github project's would like the help of a graphics designer, just look for an active project that has a ugly icon. Design a first sketch and attach it to a new "issue" for the project.


Building off of CAI's answer, you can't just push out the deadline for every delay for a couple of reasons: that does nothing to encourage the client to stick to the agreed upon timeline You're bidding on the contract based on time you know you have available. As such, I'd encourage you to make sure the contract stipulates phases and deadlines for ...


Short answer - Yes. This is what I do and it's very import that the client understands the consequences of missed deadlines. I have had disputes with clients in the past because of missed deadlines that were entirely the client's fault. Because there was no previous agreement, the client is unwilling to take any responsibility and expects the final ...


All 3 of these items are common contract considerations. This info is coming from experience as a designer freelance as well as an agency designer. While not as important during my freelance days (as I had more flexibility to work to the client's schedule), the necessity for approval deadlines in agency work is critical. Because of this, all of our ...

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