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Create a new document blank at 300dpi. Copy and paste the 72dpi image into this canvas. Crop the canvas to fit. You will have converted the 72dpi image into a 300dpi image without adding any new pixels via the "image size" change option.


Most large format inkjet printers have a 700 dpi setting. This is usually a medium to high quality printer setting (depending on the printer). Usually solvent inkjet printers have a lot of noise (printer and material dependent) so 700 ppi is absolutely an overkill. For a regular banner print 200 dpi is enough, you won't notice the difference. Higher ...


Path remains path. There is no difference between them. Illustrator can be open the .psd files and works with Photoshop shapes, but the reverse is not true. Photoshop doesn't open (in editable vector) the ai, eps, pdf or any Illustrator file format. But using the "copy-paste" commands, it works both ways.


Short and generalized answer—The paths are the same, the output is different. There are great explanations of the difference between vector and raster images here: What are the differences between vector graphics and raster graphics? Slightly longer answer—It depends... Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics program. Everything you create in ...


...increased DPI... only its effectible print size. Nop. That is PPI. DPI is a printer capability unit. I think the root of the problem is that the dpi is widley known because for a time was an important issue to buy a printer. This unit was adopted as image quality. A scanner was thought as just the input part of the same ecosystem. The people just ...


Those terms are largely misunderstood for two reasons: Most people do not really understand what units are. Units have been taught to most by memorization, and quite lot of it, without much deep thought put into the subject. Since this kind of learning worked for most purposes for other units then they think it works for this too. From this follows that ...

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