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Not really. But it depends. If you are working with vectors then you can resize with no problem but if you are working with raster images then you are out of luck. See: What are the differences between vector graphics and raster graphics? If you are working with raster images, changing the resolution (PPI) and keeping the physical dimensions the same will ...


Sounds like you're confusing dimensions with resolution. Go for the dimensions as close to 27x40 as possible (using the online calculator that joojaa mentioned to convert inches --> pixels). When choosing resolution for printing, 300 is best for high-res graphics or fine details, but if it's okay to lose some detail you can go with 150.


It depends on how close you expect the viewer to stand, as vision is based on angular frequency. If your image has a certain size and you need to print it at some size then there is not much you can do about the resolution. 150 PPI is usually quite acceptable for items you view at a distance. Most human sized outdoor commercials are at that kind of ...

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