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I don't know if you can change pixel to inch in Adobe Illustrator, but when I need to convert pixels to inches in Photoshop I'm using this web tool to convert inches to pixels, then create a new file with the obtained dimensions.


DPI used for Print PPI used for anything on screen for things such as games or online banners ETC.


are there times when the PPI flag is honored by iphone/retina/screen-density-aware software if it finds one? No. In fact, I can't think of any place it's really honored outside some very select software. For example, I believe, in Photoshop, if the PPI is set, it will affect the size the image is printed at, if you print directly from Photshop. But ...


DPI is completely irrelevant. What matters is the number of pixels. A non-retina iPhone, for instance, is 320 pixels across. A retina iPhone is 640. (The iPhone 6's retina is 750 pixels wide). What makes a device 'retina' is that it uses more than one physical pixel to create a virtual pixel. An non-retina iPhone and an iPhone 5 are both 320 virtual ...


Generally speaking retina screens are 144 ppi (72x2) But it's nearly not as simple, here's a great guide that will tell you everything you need to know abut retina and dpi in general!


The best way to create icons for all PPIs would be to create vector graphics and export as SVGs or create an icon font. Since the pixel density of devices change, you can't easily plan for them all so you'll be providing many duplicate images at different sizes. Though, if you do, saving a web and a retina sized one will cover most of your bases. And for ...

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