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Actually when saving for web we use 200 dpi now in 2015 since retina screens process images at 200dpi


casheera is correct. The DPI setting in photoshop is completely irrelevant to creating on-screen graphics. All that matters is the pixel dimensions of the screens you want to support...also keeping in mind that some devices are 'retina' meaning that they use multiple real pixels to create one 'virtual' pixel. For example, an iPhone 5 is 640 pixels wide, ...


DPI is a relation of pixels to printed size. Pay attention to device pixel size, not DPI. DPI doesn't matter.


As mentioned in the comments there appears to be no surefire way to do this. The box artwork I was using was composed of mostly vectors, so I was able to put the piece together in illustrator, using just the front of the boxes, and replace the raster parts of the image with vectors. I then added a drop shadow by duplicating the image, Gaussian blurring and ...


Large format files commonly range from 72dpi - 150dpi. Hence the request by your production manager. You can work in pixels but in the world of print, it's not about pixels, although technically you can speak both. As long as you understand both it really doesn't matter but now a days, people designing strictly for web and lack the traditional print skill ...


First of all, your product manager asked for it. If you have concerns with it, ask if he/she can clarify. Second, "yes" blowing things up reduces quality either by being pixelated (stretching the image) or by becoming blurry (resampling the image). However, large format printing is predicated on viewing at a distance and is usually printed at something ...


Most if not all large format output is grainy. Mainly because its not meant to be viewed up close. From a distance it looks great but up close not so much. An option for working at 50% of the original would be to output the final image using an application/plug like OnOne's "genuine fractals". This usually does a good job of blowing things up and it's what ...

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