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I'm not familiar with anything exactly like you're looking for. Your best bet might be too look at 3D Sculpting software though. ZBrush is the name brand one while Sculptris is a free one that's also very good. Pixologic (the creator's of ZBrush) purchased Sculptris so no idea if they'll really continue to support it but at the time of writing this it is ...


In Photoshop this can be achieved by using Boolean Operations on a Live Shape object. Draw a square with rounded rectangles. Draw another shape on the same shape layer by holding shift while you draw it. Position the second shape so that it overlaps the first. The areas that overlap will be the areas 'removed'. Select both shapes and click the Subtract ...


use manga studio. its has a 3d model where you can pose it as you wish and then draw on it.


You're still young, which means you still have time to try out different skills. I would not limit yourself to one specific skill. If you love drawing and you find programming easy then pursue them both. Eventually one of them will reveal "the right" career path for you and what ever that path is will likely use lessons you learned from your time honing both ...


Whether or not you pursue it as a career, it is still good to have a hobby. Simply put, you should draw if you love it.

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