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In my opinion, it sounds a bit backwards. People often go to an education program before landing a career in their chosen industry. If you're already working in that position, stay there and get as much experience as you can. When you have nothing left to learn there, move on to another employer and use your current position as leverage for an increased ...


As with nearly all professions, a degree tends to weigh more than a certificate in the eyes of the people hiring you. Do you need a degree? Well, that's a whole other question. In this profession, your portfolio is the key. A degree can help you get to that point. Sometimes better than a certificate can.


The really important thing is that you gain the knowledge so you can handle the technical aspects needed for various production methods. How you gain that knowledge is often of little consequence. Whether it's from a certificate program, an Associates Degree, or on-the-job training doesn't matter after you land that first (decent) job in the profession. ...


I would have to say that in my experience, neither of these matter as much as work experience and a demonstration of your abilities/knowledge. I have zero certifications or degrees in graphic design and I have been doing it professionally for about 10 years and I'm currently the creative services manager for a magazine. I have always had an interest in ...

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