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To learn the basics, go to "cgcookie.com/blender" and then in the website go to "blender basics" to learn all the basics that you need for the program. And then you can go further with "blenderguru.com" to enhance your skills. Then you can go to "cgcookie.com" and "blendercookie.com" to study on a course to enhance your skills even further.


Before I decided that I wanted to go to school for graphic design, I was pretty heavily into math and science. During my junior year, I toured colleges and learned that one that I was interested in would require a portfolio for admission. So, for my senior year I ended up taking six art classes (and no science, and more of a blowoff English class) - 3 the ...


Actually this is something that's becoming more and more frequent so if I were you I would feel positive. The graphic design industry, much like the programming one is not all together wound up on the academic side of things. Most companies would prefer to see a solid portfolio of work over a qualification from a school. (I'm not saying the attending ...


I think what u need is Inkscape Is free open-source and is easy to use and help a lot when u r doing an app There is a lot of information an training examples in their oficial Web page try it..

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