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First off, in nonregulated fields such as design a degree is largely irrelevant. Likewise, and particular to your question, there are many other fields that also have no regulations. What I mean is you can be a programmer with no degree, you can be a marketing manager with no degree, you can be a carpenter, a painter, or a candle stick maker with no degree. ...


The thing is there are two kinds of learning education and training. The later teaches you to do something specific, it gives you a set of motions to follow to achieve something. Education answers the question why something is and how it works. Training leads to a fixed career path. The aim of education is for you to be able to train yourself. To be useful ...


The typical career path would be becoming a graphic designer. Then eventually an art director or creative director. But people with graphic design degrees end up in all sorts of positions...UX Design, project management, account management, marketing teams, printing, sign making, trade show display fabrication, fashion, etc.

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