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The hatching can be achieved by using pattern.Once you create a pattern,you can control the direction of hatching as required. Below are the steps to apply hatching to your drawing (I will apply this in a simple rectangle). Create a closed path for which hatching is required(I have used a simple rectangle) Now draw a line using pen tool and convert the ...


Use Object > Expand Appearance on the transformed 'group'. You might need to Object > Ungroup the result.


It is possible using Illustrator and using the photoshop effect built in illustrator.. please follow the following steps. place you image in your artboard. copy [CTRL+C] the placed image and past it exactly on the old on by pressing [CTRL+F] - now you have two images over each other. draw a circle over the desire spot. by the black arrow select the circle ...


That particular photo uses a blur as well as a subtle pattern overlay for the background image. The pattern is essentially a repeated, solid, small, white rectangle.

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