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The rippling filter acts on the current layer. Move your selection to its own layer. Select the desired area Ctrl / Cmd + C Exit -> Paste As -> New Layer Make sure that layer is selected when you run the filter.


You won't find any "automatic" melting/dripping effects. You need to learn to make your own by matching 2 or more pictures together, and using layers masks (or whatever it's called in Gimp.) The trick to show skin as if it was peeled off or removed somehow is to use a picture with bones, and the original picture. You can also use different bones and stick ...


What you have shown uses only three things, Smart Objects (you may not need it depending on how complex the design is) , Perspective and Distort , both found in the Transform menu (Ctrl + T). You mentioned your design isn't as clear, that depends on the resolution of the distorted layer and the level of distortion. This isn't quite something you nail the ...

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