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You might be able to achieve this using filters, but I would actually consider redrawing the photo entirely using Illustrator a similar vector tool. You can do this using the Pen Tool. To make things easier, start by pasting the photo you want to convert, and maybe turning it into B&W and increasing the contrast. That will give you a nice base to work ...


It's called posterization (as it was a technique to allow for making posters easier via screen printing, block printing, or lithography). The most common ways to achieve it: use the 'posterize' filter in your raster image editor of choice (photoshop, pixelmator, GIMP, etc.) use a vector tracing tool (as previously mentioned)


I found a quickish method! You had almost all of the workflow, and the 'cutout' part that you had, is what I was missing when trying at first. Starting with this image, because I couldn't find the one you're using: The longest part for me was masking out the background. You may also need to add a Black & White adjustment layer after step 2 if you're ...


The first image looks like a direct Live Trace in Illustrator. In order to get better results you can boost the contrast of the image before live tracing it and after that as well. This is how the results look like: It's a good idea to clean some important curves and lines, so that they don't look so random.


Well, you're on the right track. Here's my shot: Settings: The difference is in the details though and getting that perfect emboss/glow is the tricky part. You might try dragging it through After Effects and using glow or perhaps simply pushing the contrast with curves in Photoshop. Oh, and don't forget the noise (Filter > Noise).


Here is my shot I have used Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, Bevel and Emboss, Gradient Overlay and Satin Screenshots of used effects Drop Shadow : [ Blend_Mode:multiply,100%,#000000 ] [ Angle:120, Global_Light:No ] [ 4px:0%:1px ] [ Contour:Defaults/CoveDeep ] [Noise: 0% ] Inner Shadow : [ ...

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