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I think that particular image may have been generated by a 3D application. Which one is your choice. Illustrator can do this to a degree, but it won't easily create the depth of the bump texture. You have to kind of fake it. Draw a couple random paths.... Select both paths and choose Object > Blend > Make from the menu. Then choose Object > ...


Hum... I basicly see: 1) Grayscale image. You can crop the black and white values using levels. Normally you just adjust it enough so the graph touches the borders, but in this case you need to move that graph further away. 2) Change the blend mode to multiply and use whichever color you need in a layer or background below it. The specifics would depend ...


You'll need to create a gradient map over the image: Layer > new adjustment layer > gradient map Then select 2 colours you would like to use in the gradient from the properties panel.

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