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Another way to easily do this: Copy front object. Place copy where you want the shadow extrusion to stop. Merge front and back objects. Delete tangent points in the corners to finish the extrusion. Clean as required.


Well, if I got your question right, it's a pretty simple principle: Create a layer with a gray background Create a blank layer over it Use the Elliptical Marquee Tool to create an ellipse and fill it with black (step 1 in image) Add a Gaussian Blur that looks just right (step 2 in image) Take the Rectangular Marquee Tool and delete half of the ellipse ...


I created this example as per the settings below. Essentially a large faint drop shadow with a smaller but darker drop shadow over the top.


One way of doing it Create a layer with a rectangle Add a drop shadow using the layer styles palette Add a layer mask Draw a circular a gradient in the mask (make sure it is 100% white to 100% RGB black) Group the layer. This is to prevent the next step from knocking out the background. Knockout the layer using blending mode in the ...


use tab to move focus to the checkmark


The bars in the pattern are actually not of exactly the same width. Some bars are slightly thicker, adding a darker mean shade to the image in that location. This way the picture is visible by just a slightly darker mean color (like 50% brightness for the bright regions and 52% brightness for the darker regions). You can do this in photoshop, if you start ...


There are some changes in color. Tts difficult to see with naked eyes but if you import you object to photoshop and use eyedroper you can see some color variations. How you can achieve this effect: Create the pattern(There are lots of ways to create this if you don't want to create this manually). You can change the color of upper and lower strips ...


You define the shape which you want to have cut out as a vector shape, and tell your print shop that you want that cut out. They send your vector path out to a die-maker (you'll need to pay for this, probably in advance) to have a die made. They'll then use the die on the printed piece.


You can use photoshop, In Photoshop just double click on layer > blending option > bevel and emboss. It will depend on your creativity mind. This will also help you -

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