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In CC 2014, you can use the new feature File>Extract assets that will offer a dialog with all the visible layers and plethora of options (resolutions, prefixes, etc) for extraction. Meant for web-developers this feature helped me out a lot. Too bad it's not available in other versions of PS. From what I understand the feature is still under development and ...


I had previously posted a little update to the information about my plugin that allows to do what the original starter of this post was asking. The update stated: I just added the possibility to export in FBX 7.2 format. So now it works even better with Unity. I agree that it was lacking in information. So I will explain a little further. The original ...


I don't know for sure if there's a way to export a PDF from Numbers without keep all document information (background included)... My guess is that there is not. However, if you just need the numerical data from the Numbers doc, why not save it as an .xlsx file? You definitely CAN import that doc type into InDesign, the same way you'd import/place a photo ...


You can also do this with Illustrator scripting, with same caveat as @Wrzlprmft's answer that objects have to be at top level. (you can recurse the for loop for groups compound paths etc if you wish. This is a quick example after all): #target illustrator var sel = app.activeDocument.selection; var file = File.saveDialog('save centers', 'center:*.txt'); ...


If you look into the source of your SVG (open it with a text editor), you will find mainly stuff like this: <rect style="opacity:0.57009343;color:#000000;fill:#3f3790" id="rect2996" width="10.714286" height="52.857143" x="282.85715" y="155.16518" transform="translate(242.40625,114.78125)" /> Those lines starting with x= and y= ...


You can batch-export your icons using the Export dialogue. And additionally you can set the resolution there. So if you are using multiple sizes (like x2, x4) you can simply re-export with different resolution. If you need smaller sizes from your source icons I would suggest a photoshop action to duplicate and resize the iconset.


If you are exporting SVGs here is a super easy way: Copy the shape you wish to export to the clipboard. Open Terminal Type pbpaste > someFileName.svg Your SVG will be ready to go in whatever directory you'd like. Bonus step Download SVGO and compress your SVG with svgo someFileName.svg

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