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you can do any version of your design while you are working in a bigger version of it by using symbols here you are the steps. illustrate you design in any dimension you like. select all your final illustration and drag and drop it in the symbols panel, and name it as you want. now drag your new symbol into your artboard dag as many versions you want to ...


After digging around some more, I realized it behaves just like Photoshop. Window > New Window, then adjust the window appearance accordingly.


You could do a quick File > Save for Web (Cmd/Ctrl+Option/Alt+Shift+S), and then adjust the image size to see what it will look like. Then just press Cancel (Esc) to back out to your drawing. You don't have to actually save it, just use it as a preview.


The .ico file format can contain many sizes of the icon - the whole point of it is the program will display the closest match. Mac programs will include icons up to 1024px. However, any icon smaller than 32x32 will usually need some manual tweaking - you won't get good results by starting with a large vector image and letting the program scale it down. You ...


There are many devices available now days. With that in mind, there are many favicon sizes needed. Here is a great explanation of the many different sizes of favicons, how to design them, and implement them on your website. If you are talking about it being crisp on certain devices and not on others, you need to implement all of the sizes that are in use to ...

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