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No. Illustrator does not have the same facility which Adobe InDesign has where work in progress is saved periodically to a temp directory.


To add to Ryan's answer, it also depends on the image type, whether to use JPG or PNG. Typically, anything with a photograph in it is best saved as a JPG, to give you the best filesize:quality ratio. Designs without photos in them (logos, typography, icons, etc.) are best saved as PNG/GIF. Click on the 2-Up option in the Save For Web panel. This allows ...


Save For Web Set to JPG Reduce image quality


i had the same problem.. nothing worked.. if plugins & version are fine do this- (based on CS3 version) on near right corner of Photoshop screen find a drop down that says 'workspace' - from it select "default work-space" create a new file and try saving it

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