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The .ico file format can contain many sizes of the icon - the whole point of it is the program will display the closest match. Mac programs will include icons up to 1024px. However, any icon smaller than 32x32 will usually need some manual tweaking - you won't get good results by starting with a large vector image and letting the program scale it down. You ...


There are many devices available now days. With that in mind, there are many favicon sizes needed. Here is a great explanation of the many different sizes of favicons, how to design them, and implement them on your website. If you are talking about it being crisp on certain devices and not on others, you need to implement all of the sizes that are in use to ...


SVG is an open format. Open source software can edit it. This would be my first choice. PDF is an open format, though proprietary. PSD is a closed format, and would require PhotoShop to open. I'd prefer SVG. That said, it really depends on the type of file we're talking about. SVG files are mainly vector based. PSD files are mainly raster based. If you ...


SVG would be the one. All major vector editors can read them just fine, and they can easily be turned into raster images if need be. Its a non-proprietary format, too, which I feel is best for sharing with (it can fit into anyone's workflow, and be viewed on the go without a proprietary application).


Embroidery requires specific file formats designed for the particular embroidering machine and the size at which it is being embroidered. Essentially, someone has to tell the machine where to put each and every stitch. This is not typically something you need to deal with--it's something the embroiderer would create based on your existing files. As for the ...


in my view SVG is best than PNG use HTML 5 SVG codes to insert these SVG in your page


The simple answer here is use both. The fact that you've named SVG as an option, means we can rule out photo graphics as an intended use case - because SVGs are only good for line-art graphics such as logos, icons and clip-art-like illustrations. If you are considering this choice for photo graphics, there is no choice; PNG will probably always be better. ...


I would stick with PNG to be on the safe side. SVG is still not fully accepted by many big internet companies & browsers. Although SVGs are scalable and are vectors they are often unnecessary, take up more space and overcomplicated the website. I hope that answered your question :)


No. Illustrator does not have the same facility which Adobe InDesign has where work in progress is saved periodically to a temp directory.

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