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you can reduce filesize by flattening all layers to one. reducing excessive resolution amount. 300 dpi is enough to print a3, a4 size. you can try app like 7zip for compressing if they use compressed format like .7z or .zip .tar .rar.


File > Save As... choose JPG. Set the Quality to 12 and save. DO NOT use Save for Web, use Save As.. The difference is Save for Web will save an RGB image at low resolution. By Choosing Save As.. you can save a CMYK JPG at high resolution. The quality setting of 12 will retain most of the quality of the file. In fact, you probably won't be able to ...


You can still email it using Google Drive, dropbox like services. upload it on your google drive share your link to your printer. You will really lose quality if you reduce its size.

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