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Corel draw has an excellent wmf and emf export engine which replicates the accuracy of the original. Curves stay as curves


Sketch can handle and export parts of code, but cannot create a whole website. As a possible (and free) alternative, you could check out Macaw, which was recently made available free of charge as it's going to be discontinued, but it's still a rather good piece of software for a graphic approach to building website.


Sketch was intended as a design tool for creating responsive websites without having to write code. If the website has additional functionality that cannot be done in Sketch and requires collaboration with coder / developer, you'll need to use additional software such as Avocode.


Ask your profesional designer. But yes, the EPS is probably the one. Others are PDF, AI, CDR. Enlargin a logo "without distortion" could have a wide range of flavors. Normally the user is the one that distorts a logo. (The question was edited adding the word pixelation, which makes it more especific) Some explanations. The formats I mentioned are ...

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