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If you select 32 bit per pixel, then the alpha channel is included. You can then use that as your layer mask if you are planning on reimporting to photoshop to test the file. Other apps can use the alpha without doing anything.


Unfortunately, there's no good way to do this. The issue is that Keynote (much like Powerpoint) is software that's designed to create slideshow presentations for SCREEN use only. People do print out their Powerpoint/Keynote slides for reference material, but in that case the quality of the images/fonts is not crucial. Just converting a keynote file to a PSD ...


Maybe this isn't the perfect answer, but comments simply didn't have enough room for this. To start with scripting, the first place you want to look is probably the Illustrator scripting reference site. In there, if you open the reference pdf for javascript. You'll find a list of methods and some sample scripts. If you search for: "exporting to" and ...


There is no direct option available to Import Indesign to CorelDraw, but there is a workaround, Export the Indesign files as a High Quality Print PDF or each of pages as PNG min 600dpi, then import the PNG in CorelDraw and set for print. This works for me well, I tried importing PDF to CorelDraw, converted text as fonts/curves as graphics but found it ...

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