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Photoshop allows downsampling to an arbitrary number of colors -- but it will be saved in the image's native color mode (RGB, or at least as Indexed color). The PNG file format allows 2-bit grayscale, and in Photoshop's Save For Web dialog you can set the maximum number of allowed colors. I'd have to test if Photoshop indeed creates a 2-bit grayscale, ...


2 bit images 2 bit images are not 2 color images. 2 bits would store 4 colors. Currently the png file format allow several bit depths http://www.w3.org/TR/PNG/#11IHDR. Some good years ago the CGA color mode for monitors displayed a Cyan Magenta Black and White images. Those were 2 bit images. You could convert them to Red Green Black and Yellow. That ...


This tool might help you to edit the svg file. SVG Editor

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