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I got a more clear solution from Inkscape forum. Select all the Paths with :tool_selector: Duplicate them (Ctrl+D) Convert them to paths (Ctrl+Alt+C) Create a union from the paths (Ctrl+Shift+ + ) Break Apart the new shape (Ctrl+Shift+k) One of the two shapes created will be the exact fill. Delete the other. The problem isn't that much complicated. ...


Select your path, then in layer panel in lower right corner select create new fill/ adjustment layer and select solid color.


I found another similar post here on Stack Exchange which pretty much solves the problem... "Set stroke color of multiple objects as respective fill colors". -You can sort of do this in Illustrator by expanding the paths themselves, instead of using a stroke. Select all objects and set their strokes to none Use the menu command Object → Path → Offset ...


I've found it works to just select with the magic wand and hit the paint bucket 6 or 7 times at a high tolerance.


Get rid of the bounding box and just use the vector image of the suitcase.


1. Create your gradient 2. Effect → Sketch → Graphic Pen... Unhappy with the size of the dots? 3. Effect → Document Raster Effects Settings... Resolution Bonus: Colorize The Sketch effects output is monochrome by nature so you are stuck with a black and white gradient to begin with. You can easily colorize the effect with the use of some blending ...

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