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You should expand the small triangle on the appearance panel and adjust as usual - If it does not work - probably the problem it the way you created the shapes


To make things easy for yourself when editing later, it pays off to do a bit more work upfront by using the Appearance panel for this. Draw a shape Give it any fill and no stroke Open the Appearance panel Select your shape with the Move tool (V) Choose Add New Stroke, either through Appearance panel options or with the icon bottom leftmost on the panel ...


I am not aware of any preference set-up to achieve the out of register look but simply 'copy' the object with the stroke and fill, then 'paste in front', then nudge it until it is the desired distance apart, remove the stroke from the lower layer, then remove the fill in the layer above. Set the stroke to 'overprint' or else it may 'knock-out'. Perhaps ...


Color your artwork without borders Copy artwork Delete fill of copied artwork, add border shift copy left/right according to taste


I'd personally try to fill in the white space with the pattern from the dark blue background. You could try to reproduce the pattern itself, but an easy way to come close is just to take one vertical column of pixels on either edge of the blue and stretch it (or duplicate it multiple times) until it fills in all of the white space, like so:


As I suggested in the comments, I think your best option is to extend the text when the image is narrower. Something along the lines of:

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