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You can't use it with the fill tool, but maybe you can write a script that combines the select, expand and fill tools to achieve your desired result.


I don't know that it's possible with just the Fill tool, but there are a couple ways to do this. You could instead use the Magic Wand tool to make a selection then use Select > Modify > Expand... to add your "stroke", then fill it with Edit > Fill... Another way you already said it yourself...it's just a stroke, so you could just add a stroke to the layer. ...


I think you are confused with path and shape. If you work with shapes you can add fill and/or stroke as you want with pixel-perfect results. Paths are commonly used for masks, cut-out paths and similar. Try to convert your path into a shape and then edit from the top menu as indicated in image. Check also the adobe help about drawing shapes.


Sure, you use the live paint tool: You click on it, choose the color and start clicking on the areas, which will be marked by a thick red line.

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