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I've found it works to just select with the magic wand and hit the paint bucket 6 or 7 times at a high tolerance.


Get rid of the bounding box and just use the vector image of the suitcase.


1. Create your gradient 2. Effect → Sketch → Graphic Pen... Unhappy with the size of the dots? 3. Effect → Document Raster Effects Settings... Resolution Bonus: Colorize The Sketch effects output is monochrome by nature so you are stuck with a black and white gradient to begin with. You can easily colorize the effect with the use of some blending ...


Filling a path can make slight "jaggynes". For the pixelation goes, it all depends on the resolution of your document, remeber that photoshop documents isnt vectorbased in the same fashion that Illustrator, and that you cant get the same scaling. When choosing the path tool, make sure to chose the shape tool in the drop down menu.

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