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I checked your screen capture out on When I used all the recognizable characters, it didn't find a match, but when I used only the "J", it found it right away. Try - Twentieth Century Pro Bold Italic Looks like a match to me, using the "playbox" on ...


And the winner is... V.GER Grotesque


You are looking for a geometric sans font. So looking in those categories on FontSquirrel gives you several options. But the one I think comes closer is Poppins, avalable in Google Fonts:


This is most likely custom made lettering, possibly based on an existing typeface. Judging by the 'N', a bold variant of Trajan was used as the base.


99% percent sure that's Gridnik:


Likely Gotham Bold: The square dot on the 'i', tall x-height and the way the strokes of the 'c' are cut are strong indicators.

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