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Dafont's Simulata seems to be a good match. Apparently some shadow effect has been used to make it bi-coloured in your example.


It's Sinaloa, I think originally struck by URW, and then licensed to Lettraset in the mid 1990s, and distributed under the Fontek brand. Simulata is also very close match— I'm jesting...I created Simulata, and as the credits say on Dafont, it's donationware. Use it commercially or privately when you've given a few bucks to a good charity, or do something ...


It is Sinaloa, an old Letraset font from 1974 by Rosmarie Tissi: http://www.fontpalace.com/font-details/Sinaloa+CG/


I suspect this is not a 'font' at all, but rather a sample of somebody's handwriting. Look closely at some of the duplicate letters (e.g. e), and you will notice there are subtle differences and ink blots. The differences are easily spotted in the full-size version of the image.


The low quality sample makes it difficult to tell if it's an exact match, but if you de-skew the sample from your original question then WhatTheFont suggests Mrs Eaves All Petite Caps. It matches almost perfectly if you squash it a bit


The font is: Hoefler Text Source I inspected the font element in order to find this. It said: font-family: "Hoefler Text A","Hoefler Text B",Georgia,"Times New Roman","DejaVu Serif",serif; Downloading the font would be violating the font usage subscription service they have set up for webfonts.


It says it on their website: The Purism Logo (rectangle) that includes the text “Purism”, uses a free font called Ek Mukta This is also a free webbfont in the Google Fonts library or can be downloaded on 1001freefonts.


I used my browser's element inspector on the page to see that it's called Mission Script.

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