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It looks like it could be FF Wunderlich OT - the C is what makes me think this.


I found the font with the help of someone. The font in tagline of that logo is Bickley™ Script.


Apparently it might be a custom typeface Brandt Animation made for the movie's title sequence. The closest I could find was Alleyn typeface by Aviation Partners, but it doesn't seem to include Greek letters.


I think that it is very difficult to find a font that matches the "kulu" logo 100%, however... Floral font looks close to it: Making it narrower and taller will result in even closer look.


Looks a lot like Daniel Bold to me. On second look, I'm almost sure it is.


Can't say it's perfect, as the "S" and "C" are slightly different... but otherwise, Avenir Next is verrrrrry close. Top is Avenir Next Medium, bottom is Avenir Next Bold. EDIT: Now that I look closer, the "B" is different also. But if you can't find the actual font, this might be a decent 2nd choice.


Prasanth, as far as I can see you have found the only place to buy the font (MyFonts.com, a great resource, does not list it). On the fonts.com website it is available – as you stated - only in post-script format. The font seems to be from 1997 (you can find it at the identifont-website) so maybe they (Monotype/Linotype originally) did not put out any other ...


Looks pretty close to Cocon font -


The name of this font is Replica and it was designed by the Zurich-based studio Norm.

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