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You are looking for a geometric sans font. So looking in those categories on FontSquirrel gives you several options. But the one I think comes closer is Poppins, avalable in Google Fonts:


This is most likely custom made lettering, possibly based on an existing typeface. Judging by the 'N', a bold variant of Trajan was used as the base.


I did a comparison of Twentieth Century Pro Bold Italic, that Mvp Web Pro suggested. And turns out they are quite close, but not an exact match. Since my initial comparison of Futura LT HeavyOblique and the screengrab and this one are that close, I'll answer my own question and close the question. Thanks for the help!


I checked your screen capture out on When I used all the recognizable characters, it didn't find a match, but when I used only the "J", it found it right away. Try - Twentieth Century Pro Bold Italic Looks like a match to me, using the "playbox" on ...



And the winner is... V.GER Grotesque


After a quick few searches, I'm almost certain that this font is Shearman-Std but someone has edited the glyphs slightly for this project, perhaps to avoid copyright. If you look and see, even the E has the corner cut of the same, but the letter in your piece has been flipped and edited slightly. I'm almost certain about this, but if anyone disagrees ...

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