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I tried recreating the font shapes for better recognition, but didn't have any luck with the A character. The closest I can find is Chocolate Box. It's not a match, but it has a similar crossbar swoosh in the A character, but it doesn't have the long tail on the R. I had to use all lower case, then uppercase A.


maybe it's some of those fonts with modifications, can't be? This ones are the other screenshots: Street Corner Slab Bold font: This ones are the last ones: ITC Tyke Std Medium font:


It looks an awful lot like Caslon Italic. There's many many versions of Caslon, so some might be closer than other. There is a version, Libre Caslon, in the LaTex catalogue


And the winner is..... ATC Rosemary It checks out when you look at some of the other images on the Behance project page.


Likely Gotham Bold: The square dot on the 'i', tall x-height and the way the strokes of the 'c' are cut are strong indicators.


99% percent sure that's Gridnik:

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