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I've been happy using ArtFiles to package my AI6 projects. It's easy to use and works great. Just open the program and drag in the file. It also lets you know of any potential errors. The free trial version allows you to use it 15 times… after that it's $39.95. It's been well worth it for me.


The way you authenticate a piece of software (a font is a piece of software) is you have a receipt of purchase and a license agreement on paper stored on file. Without these 2 options its nearly impossible to verify ownership. In case of digital stuff you still need to have a paper copy of the money transaction and the license key. Then the vendor can ...


I know this thread has been unused for some time, but I recently used it to address the same question for some fonts on my computer and it worked perfectly. I've just used it again to combine another font to display as the one family, and when I've opened up an InDesign file I was working on which used that font, all instances where that font is used are ...

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