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If you are confident that you have selected a font that you have installed on the machine, you may have a font style selected that isn't available. For example, I see that the style you have set is "Normal", but it may need to be "Regular". This can happen usually when you switch from one font to another and the assigned style isn't present in the new font.


One easy way to do it although not quite perfect would be to save your favorite fonts in a .psd file and open it as you create a new document. This way you can easily access and copy your favorite fonts.


I am a designer who recently started focusing on font design full-time. As a designer I struggled for years with fonts that behaved differently in different software, didn't group correctly, etc., so once I had the typography software, I spent hundreds of hours renaming font files just for organisational purposes for my own use. You might not want to hear ...

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