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The adventure is close (not identical) to Amador - If you want to find free font, try to look for fonts SIMILAR : LTC Goudy Text, Monotype Goudy Text, Octoberfest, Cabazon, Engravers' Old English, Gothique, Old English (these are not free)


Is this for a header or for text? Just browsing through Google webfonts I found: For headers maybe something like Ubuntu Condensed, Orbitron, or Titillium Web. For bodies of text maybe Inconsolata, Open Sans Condensed, or Abel I have to agree with Yisela, its hard to tell what you your going for without any examples. At RSA this year there was ...


In Acrobat, choose File > Save As Other > Optimized PDF... On the Fonts tab, be sure that "Subset all embedded fonts" is checked. Save the PDF. That will remove all the unused embedded characters, and will substantially reduce the size of the PDF. (As a note, since Calibri is pretty much ubiquitous, you could probably unembed it completely without a ...

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