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Unless you have the original Gimp file with the text still as a text layer, no you can't. Identifying a font from a raster image is complex and well beyond the scope of Gimp's feature set. There are online services that can help with font identification from an image, such as What The Font. You can also ask here on GD.SE, but make sure you ask a good ...


The answer is very short; No. There is no way to sort fonts in photoshop, other than manually disabling certain fonts in your OS. Which is very hacky and probably not the best idea.


How best to emphasize a portion of your paper? All printers can easily reproduce grey text. The issue with grey text is that of sufficient contrast to be legible and easily readable. Legibility will be an issue where symbols are used. Mathematic is heavy with problematic situations.Here's where you should look for them Superscripts Subscripts Limits (the ...


Is it OK to use gray font for the parts of math proofs I remove but retain? Not sure how a graphic designer could answer this. If somebody print my PDF, will gray fonts work well with all modern printers? Yes, generally speaking if you have enough contrast a printer will be fine printing gray colors. Also which RGB value do you suggest for "...

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