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"Weight" is highly subjective. The designer typically designs a 'regular weight', which would be '500' in the TTF units. After that, a lighter design gets a lower number and a darker design the higher number. The full range of 100..900 is to cater for everything from Ultra Light to Extra Black. Thus, the value only 'means' something in relation to lighter ...


Looks like Peignot Bold to me!


Quark Convert? ;-) In InDesign these are called "Paragraph Styles". This functionality is not built into InDesign, but it can be done using scripting. In fact, it has been done; see, for example, http://indesignsecrets.com/print-out-style-sheet-specs.php. The download link gives you a .zip file. Extract it, which will give you a folder called 'TSRC2' (when ...


You could play with Bebas a bit and get the effect you're looking for.


Can it be done? Sure, I did exactly this in Javascript, where InDesign is only used to draw curves with. The rest is done entirely with Javascript. All "font builder software" does is gather all the necessary information, format it according to the specification(s), and then write it out a file. Read everything you can find on the specifications for the ...

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