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Notice on the tooltip that pathfinder minus says "minus front". It can subtract many things from one thing - out of everything you have in a selection the one thing in the back is what it subtracts everything that's in front of it. When I say "one thing", groups don't count. When you expanded the text you got a group, and expand text puts the first letter ...


Your best bet will probably handwritten fonts. The indiscriminate and visual lack of precision will help your cause. I gave a quick search through my own font collection and these were the closest I found: Architect's Daughter Bauhaus 93 Regular CityBlueprint Regular The best I found was Architect's Daughter from Google Fonts:


As Yisela points out, 'Western' is a common term to describe the style. Specifically, these are typefaces based on display type made from wood (wood type)--which was common in the US and has become part of the American west iconography. Another common association was with Circus posters. Searching for 'wood type', 'western', or 'circus poster' will likely ...


As with most typographic terms, there's no single answer to this. So many different terms can go into describing any particular font and the definitions tend to have so much overlap that placing type into defined buckets can be a fruitless undertaking. Some terms that could apply to what you are looking for. Monoline The term monoline is used for ...

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