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it is an open source font that can be used in anyway you want Yep. It is licensed under the OFL license. The key bullet point for your needs is: Use: the freedom to use font software for any purpose So, yes, you can use it in your logo. Also, is it a bad idea to use a web-based font for a logo? It's "web based" in that Google offers it as ...


It's Britannic Medium, but it's been stretched. Font-recognition software often seems to have trouble with distortions, even a simple stretch. It's available from MyFonts but there are others, including free versions.


That Helvetica Neue doesn't render well on screen is mostly a matter of opinion. A valid opinion, but less so today than in the past now with the onslaught of high density screens. Apple had been using it on iOS for quite a while, for example. Also note that these are not 'web fonts' in that they are being served from the server. Bootstrap is merely using ...

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