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The simplest way to say no without really saying no is: Give him a quote with a very (very) high price. That's simple and you'll make him take the decision to not work with you, and will avoid embarrassing justifications. If he asks questions, you simply need to mention that's how you work, mention the price of proofs is X amount and has to be done, your ...


what is a nice way of asking 50% deposit? What I do is I tell them "I require a 50% downpayment for all new clients before I can begin work." If the job is really big, I will only ask for 25% or 30% up front. They should not get weird or reluctant if they are legitimate business people. When you order a product from a website, you pay before they ship ...


Send email after 3 days, then after 5 days, then once in a week. Sometimes I hear back from them after 1, 2 or EVEN 3 months. Its normal! Some clients are really really bad. I use Google Apps for Work, meaning, I have registed my company email with Gmail, so its like john@companyname.com and I login from Gmail.com, this gives me chance to have some really ...


4 days isn't so bad. You can start being worried after 2 weeks. Clients are often busy and maybe the client also needs to see with his team what banner to choose and what revisions should be done. Keep in mind that your client might be dealing with big purchases, employee issues, equipment failures, etc. The small design projects are not always a huge ...


Yes, you should have collected a deposit. I'm guessing you don't have a contract either. Four days isn't that long though. Live and learn. There's not much you can do after the fact without a contract.


It is not unusual for international organizations to include clauses in contracts that their names or logos cannot be used by the contractor in promotional material. The organizations (or their legal departments) probably want to avoid the appearance of endorsing the contractor in any way. And, of course, have complete control over the use of their ...


The piece of work may not be made public by the company until a specified release date if at all. The company then would not want it being leaked via other forums before it is offically launched publicly by the company.

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