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My choice would be to ensure the disc color and the tile color never match. All discs are 20% darker or 20% lighter than all tiles, etc.


Like you suggested, I will go with a border and a shadow (outer glow). As long as it can solve the problem, I will be fine with it!


There's more money in making a game than allowing a single graphic designer to use it in his works. This becomes obvious when you consider that games tend to be developed in teams, but "desk" type licenses usually allow only a single user to employ the font. Hence, bigger interest (aka. demand) and ability to pay leads to higher price.


The reason is when you're buying the font for a desktop, it can be used to author text on one or two machines, by one person. When you have a game the game authors those texts on many machines so the situation is the same as if you'd buy a license for each player separately. So as long as the font has a pay per usage model a game would constitute many uses. ...

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