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For a 2d side scrolling game. Vector style. Using Stencyl That is the key bit of info we needed! Looking at their documentation for animations it looks like animation is handled within the app--meaning that you create the individual animations yourself outside, then import them as individual frames. As such, it appears that the tool you need is a ...


Either of these tools could be all inclusive for this question and the one you asked about general graphics For game development Flash is still common these days. If you want to go the html5/CSS3/SVG route, you can try Adobe Edge Animate, to assist, but it is not as mainstream as Flash. Either way, with Illustrator and Photoshop also included, you should ...


I recommend using Inkscape, with the following steps: Get the base drawing (draw yourself, or "Trace Bitmap" and modify). To get additional "views" of the drawing use the arrows to strech/skew/flip the image. Use the "Perspective" filter (Extensions->Modify Path->Perspective) for advanced control of the output. See also this.


**These steps will work the same in either Illustrator or Photoshop** Illustrator may be easier for what you need but if you want to use Photoshop you can still follow these steps: Why don't you actually make a paper plane and take a photo of it from what ever angle you need e.g. from the top or from the side and then import the image into Photoshop. Then ...

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