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GIF cannot display semi-transparent pixels. If you want to get rid of the jagged edges choose white as the color in the »Matte« Dropdown-Menu in the Save for Web dialogue. Radial Gradient without matte color: with matte color set as white: The Problem with this is, that if the logo is used on any other color than white, it will have a jagged white ...


Photoshop CS6 was the first version to default to a timeline animation. If you want a frame animation, you can convert to frames by using the menu on the Timeline Panel.


Not sure what the issue is. Opening your top GIF with Photoshop CC2014 suffers from the same stop half way through. However, I was able to access all frames by: Opening your top gif with Fireworks CS6 Export as animated GIF Open that new animated GIF with Photoshop CC2014 Then, and only then, were all frames present in Photoshop. Here's the gif after ...


If you want to do it in photoshop you need every frame in a layer and make an animated gif out of these layers. It is alot easier to make those things in a 3d editing program, for instance the pack of cigarettes in a 3d program you can create a rectangle and put the textures on each side. In photoshop you would have to draw every frame.


I know it's late on this, but I just found your question and it had been a problem of mine until I figured it out. If the layers are not smart objects, the cropping will get messed up. Try converting them all to smart layers and then crop.


The center of your second circle example is not centered, as seen in the overlay of both images attached - possibly when rotating the grouped items (heads) the original center (pos1) you think is the yellow point. I think you can adjust the rotation point so that the yellow remains centered

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