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Generally speaking, use either dither or color table reduction, but not both. I recommend you use the Lossy slider. You have it set at zero. You can crank it up. The higher you go, the more information Photoshop will throw away as it converts your image into a GIF, and the smaller the file size will get.


If the color adjustment is "simple" and not complex. ie a single color. You can create a top layer color adjustment (Hue/saturation or color balance.). You would basically keep this layer visible the entire timeline, for every frame. It really depends on the complexity of the gif frames. If the background stays the same you could apply/edit the adjustment ...


There's a free plugin called AnimDessin Plugin available through the Adobe Add-Ons that will help you with all of this. Better frame control and onion skinning.


You may follow the steps below. Launch the Photoshop. Go to "Files" > "Import" > "Video Frame to Layers". Click "File" > "Save for Web" then choose "GIF" in the right part of the dialogue. Just like the pic shows, it’s quite easy. I learned this trick from a Google plus sharing. Maybe you can learn more details from it.


I think your best option is to use Export > Render Video... Select "Photoshop image Sequence" and the format to "PNG". Then in order to produce a Sprite Sheet I think your best option is to use something in the likes of the HTML5-Photoshop-Sprite-Sheet-Creator and produce your sprite sheet via a Photoshop Script. You could also produce a compound Script ...


No, this is not possible to do in a gif because a gif is by nature a short clip that is repeated (therefore it can be random, but only until it repeats). You can use various software to create a bunch of gifs and generate different random path for each gif if you'd like, but the same gif can't move in different random paths. If you want this type of ...


i think the best way to do dat.. use gimp software other than photoshop.. its easy and opensourse.. and more resorse ful meanwhile i found this link in wiki how.. in thre tell how to make simple animation.. like loading in while instalin win xp.. but if u use this method u can do it ur self to do what u want.. i also try dat in this link it discribe step ...

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