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As the original poster pointed out in the comments, this can happen if the image has indexed colours, and transparency is not one of the indexed colour values. You can easily tell if your image is indexed, as the titlebar of gimp will contain indexed somewhere past the filename, Also, if your image is indexed, a marker will appear next to the Indexed... ...


In the GIMP it is possible with the multi-layers-merger extension from here: http://registry.gimp.org/node/26135 Install the extension, then Create a new image the same size as your animation, and put your background image in a single layer in the new image. Go to Layers > Multi Layers Merger Deselect all the options but "Use only active layer". This ...


No - a Floating Selection is internally attached to the layer it was pasted into. I suggest you try one of the following workarounds: 1) Promote the Floating Selection to a New Layer (just press the new layer button); Position this layer; Duplicate it as many times as you want; For each duplicate, manipulate the layer stack to place it above one of your ...


In Photoshop, whatever is transparent in the document will be transparent in a GIF or PNG image. Simply use transparency in your layers within Photoshop and when you Save For Web as a GIF or PNG, that transparency is seen and used. There are no special steps you need to take to ensure transparency transfers to the final image.


Photoshop and Flash can output animated gifs. Flash or After Effects are more capable for advanced animation. if you were going to use after effects you would need to export your animation as a image sequence and assemble that sequence as a gif in another application like photoshop.

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