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There is a switch for exactly this:


You have to do everything individually, if you have a problem with this, I suggest you make a font in illustrator or something :)


The problem was caused by CMYK color mode. After switching to RGB, the grayish tint disappears.


I think you should change the OPPOSITE color to red, or Black that will help you to get rid of desaturated gray color. Here's is the description


There is no mechanism in Illustrator to move more than one gradient stop at a time. You can manually input values in the Location field on the panel to adjust the distance between stops if needed.


Simply export the file into a PDF and then open that PDF in Illustrator! It should work fine and keep the vectors. You can use the highest quality presets but it shouldn't change anything anyway if it's really all vectors. Once you'll be in Illustrator, you can then export/save that logo the way you want. Make sure you have your fonts opened too and make ...


In Illustrator your best bet is a colour blend. See here (Adobe Help) and see the second example (the cloud)


One easy solution in Photoshop would be to use an Inner Glow with gradient and a large size:


This is easily done in Illustrator using the blend feature. Copy the original shape and paste the copy in front of the original. Reduce the height and width to where you want the gradient to stop. Round the corners of the smaller shape. Color the background rectangle with the darkest color of your gradient. Color the smaller, rounded shape with the lightest ...

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