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It sounds like you're using a White to Transparent Gradient. Going over it again and again on a raster layer will always Add to it. You need to either create a new layer each time, use a container Shape with a Gradient fill, or use a Gradient adjustment layer. As far as getting your original back, depending on what you've done since you can use the History ...


Here's how I would achieve that effect: 1) Create a BW Effects layer, and select the mode that gives the most pleasing effect. 2) Edit>Copy Merged, then paste that into a new alpha channel 3) Invert the alpha channel 4) Delete or disable the bw effects layer 5) Select the active pixels (Control key (PC) or the Command key (Mac) while you single click on the ...


You can just create a gradient-filled shape layer, then apply a Gradient Overlay Layer Style to that shape. The Shape layer contains a gradient of 2 colors... then the Layer Style adds the third color. Right-click/Control-Click the image above and choose Open image in new tab/window to see it larger if needed.

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