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if you want to have a smooth gradient u should do this. Make a color black rectangle and use it as the background. Make the same size rectangle and place it on top of the black you just made. Create a gradient for the top rectangle following the colors below. 1st color 100 magenta - 100 yellow: 100% opacity 2nd color 100 magenta - 100 yellow - 70 black: ...


To fix this you need to match the CMYK channels in your black swatch with your red swatch. In my example I'm using a red with CMYK values 0,100,100,0. Now for my black instead of using the values 0,0,0,100 change it to 0,100,100,100. Difference: http://imgur.com/QmRiI3f This black will print as a warm black. I would talk with your printer about their ...


Try layering the black gradient over a red background (or vice versa) instead of trying to do a red-to-black gradient on a single layer: On your top layer, create a gradient where black (or red) is at 100% opacity on one end of the color slider and white is at 0% opacity on the other end of the slider. On the layer below color with solid red (or black). ...


The gradient is a simple angle gradient. It is the third option on gradient tools on photoshop, however to get it spot on, you may have to tweak the color stops, rather than just using a standard two point gradient. Here is a quick comparison using the above method. As you can see, it's almost exactly the same:

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