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I am not aware about automatic option for that. But if you need this effect only for small task, so you can create it by yourself. I've got the circle in 5 minutes, so if you play with options, probably you can create this on your own. I don't know if you need only square or circle is ok too. I've just copied the colors to gradient panel and applied this ...


You most probably used a 'poor' black as the black in the gradient: 100% black ink, but no C, M or Y. The K ink is not black by any means: it's dark grey at best, and doesn't stand scrutiny when printed on a large area. To get a good, saturated black, you'd better use a 'rich' black: 100%K with some percentages of other inks added. You can influence the ...


Look at the images - you choose the same options and get the result - You select the path and invoke GRADIENT panel where you choose between 3 STROKE options according to the desired effect: or or


Basically I draw a line parallel to the slider and after changing the shape I make the new slider follow that line. Of course you can also use a piece of tape on your screen. To make it myself easier use the following combinations: line ("\"), gradient tool (G) and select object below (cmd+alt+[) Another way is to use the Info window to show the slider's ...

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