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Photoshop has a great filter doing the job called displacement here you can find a pretty good tutorial how to apply any design on any "folds" please follow the link


The images that you show give an example of the exact opposite of what you're asking for. Its easy to apply a pattern or color onto a photo of a blank peace of cloth, but very complicated to remove it. I'd say its defenitely not worth the effort. Also because i can't see any reason why you would have to use that exact shirt. I recommend mockups. You can ...


you can use this link for all sizes


Your mileage may vary. My story is anecdotal. In my design program, an internship was required to graduate and you got academic credits for it. So, in my last year of university, I applied for and was accepted into an internship. It was unpaid, but they had a strong track record of hiring their interns. There weren't a ton of positions, but the positions ...


There are two parts to this - do you need an internship, and if so, should you take this one? The first part depends on your area. How many other design graduates are there, and how many junior designer jobs are there that don't require experience? If you're one of only a few design grads in town, or if there are plenty of recruiters and it's common for ...


Here's what I would do: Find a runny stain as well as some grain texture. Work this first in black and white...You might want to calibrate levels on your source images so they merge together better. Use masks to merge the running stain to the portrait and use layer modes for the texture (e.g. Multiply). Using an extra layer on top of it all and layer ...


The patterns you're talking about are guilloche : Guilloché (or guilloche) is a decorative engraving technique in which a very precise intricate repetitive pattern or design is mechanically engraved into an underlying material. Specifically, it involves a technique of engine turning, using a machine of the same name, also called a rose engine ...

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