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I donot know how to scale.But you try press alt+shift then scale your object. Or You can re-install illustrator. Thanks


imagespliter is the best online tool by which one can cut the image into many slices


The best answer at the moment is to keep CC installed (or reinstall it if you've uninstalled) and use that where you need to. There is no file format incompatibility between the two versions (that I've come across, anyway), so you can switch back and forth depending on the feature sets you need.


You'd have to manually create this. Or create a standard triangle grid and use the Object > Envelope Distort > Make with Mesh to distort things after the standard grid is created.


If you are attempting to create a grid just for your benefit while designing, there's an extension named GuideGuide that will do this efficiently. If you need the grid to be part of the design, I'd recommend creating a line using the marquee tool and then duplicating it as many times as you need, then using the Layer >> Distribute options to get them ...

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