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This happens because some characters like 'S' and 'O' slightly higher than 'I'. You could convert the text into outline Type > Create Outline and place it to the top left corner. By enabling Smart Guides (CTRL + U) you could easily position the text.


I prefer to use Inkscape's built-in document grid option. Press Shift+Ctrl+D or navigate to File→Document Properties→Grids Select Rectangular Grid and hit the New button. You can then edit the properties (and units) of the created grid in the same dialog.


This is quite easy to achieve using a few simple lines connected by a blend. Just create one half of the grid, then copy, rotate and mirror the effect for the other "axis". It would take about as much time as tracing the original, but would offer live editing abilities if you wanted to tweak the distortion. The image below took about 5 minutes to make. 12 ...

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