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Create a rectangle that surrounds the area where you want the guides. Select rectangle and go to Object -> Path -> Split Into Grid ... Set 80px for width and height and click OK. Go to View -> Guides -> Make Guides


Change the Snapping Tolerance in the Preferences. But honestly if 2 pixels is too large a distance, you should be zoomed in viewing the pixel grid, because the only smaller increment is 1 pixel which the pixel grid handles.


There may be a better solution, but a quick workaround is to set your units to Points instead of Pixels since 1 Point = 1 Pixel. Right click on your Ruler to quickly accomplish this. With Points as your units, you'll be able to specify decimals for the New Guide... command. After you place them you can of course switch your Document Unit back to pixels and ...


Grids are used in all forms of design to all you to easily organise your page(web or otherwise). There are many different types of grids people use. Some are responsive while others are not. Check out http://960.gs/ as an example of a web grid system. Most designers will find a system that suits them and what they are designing, for example. Using the 960 ...

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