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I suggest a bunch of indicators working in tandem: 'Greyed Out' - give the unavailable buttons some transparency, (or the appearance of transparency with lighter colours). This will make sure it is noticeably different from the other buttons, at the very least sparking curiosity as to why it's different. 'Strike-THROUGH!!!!' - "Like seriously guys look, I ...


I think what you are after, are some way of indicating "more, unspecific information". As @Cakey points out, not everything in the world needs an icon, so maybe some indication of editing might work fine. Luggage tags are usually used for tags as in identifying synonyms on additional information, mainly as a help for search and batch. Such as swiss ...


A more elegant solution would be to grey out the button, set it's state to disabled and use a disabled cursor to clearly show the state. I've thrown together a quick codepen to demonstrate this.


The fact that something isn't there at all is a great indication that it is not present! If you'd like to still display the things that were 'chosen but missing' in each result element I suggest not doing it as the same elements in the same section with the only difference being styling. Rather have it be clear to the user that this section shows what ...


I think the logic is flawed. I choose some amenities and as a result I expect to see ONLY hotels that combine these amenities. You should inform the user that there is NO hotels that have all the amenities and maybe let them see the results with missing amenities by clicking another button. The red crossed button works well in my opinion. If there are users ...


Why don't you try a small "graph" style icon to represent attributes: I feel that this icon can't be confused with something such as "tools" or "options"


An icon representing generic control elements should work, for example showing a two-part radio button. Or, similar, a simplified equalizer control: If a symbol of "control elements" causes confusion with a tools icon, representing just a list of items could solve that: Images from awoken-icon-theme

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