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The catch is that 0074aa isn't any specific color. Look at 1000 screens and you're going to see 1000 different colors. As such, trust your eyes. If the branding team for your client never got around to picking an official print color, grab a pantone CMYK swatch book, hold it up to a few monitors and pick the color that you feel is the best match. This is ...


It's easier to get a best match from CMYK to HEX than the opposite, and make sure your client understand there will never be an exact match but only a close one. The suggested CMYK equivalent is a bit "rough" and not always precise. It will suggest you an equivalent by comparing the 2 color gamut mathematically but it's never precise. It's better to find a ...


I think there is a simmilar question recently. I'm bad at finding this simmilar questions. The basic idea is that Ilustrator is using (a different) a color profile. I don't think that that website is using one. There are several variables to change color models. CMYK Profile (and version), RGB color space, color conversion priority, emmbeded color profile. ...


In particular for text editors, several colour schemes have been developed that could match your criteria. I am listing a few here that you could use as a starting point: Solarized Tommorow Theme I am afraid I cannot say much more about them other than listing the colours and that they are designed to do exactly what you want.

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