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You have misunderstood things a bit, javaScript does not model color as hexadecimal, neither does the system. The hexadecimal notation is just for the human readable document. Internally your system stores three integer values. You can querry and manipulate those directly. But lets just say that you want to manipulate the actual document instead of system ...


Cool question. To work with hexadecimal values you need to think in terms of relative proportion of the RGB values. I will use a scale in numbers, not with letters, so we can see the math behind it. Imagine you have an orange. You can have a value of R255 G128 B0 If you want a darker color you need to reduce the values for example at 50% This will give ...


HEX CMYK Converter, is a fast app to convert units of color: CMYK to HEX, very useful for graphic designers and web designers

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