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make your chosen grid in excel and then copy and paste into photoshop :)


When you click on Artboard Tool (Shift + O) you can able to see this on right top. :)


You learn practical skills by doing them. There's lots of hard evidence that procedural skills learnt from doing are different and deeper than theoretical knowledge from reading. These then expand your creative possibilities through pushing these new skills, experimenting with them, and creating things with them. So, if it's an area you're new to, do it, ...


I would recommend doing them obviously; Furthermore the way you really become an expert on a specific Photoshop/illustrator/any software is by getting the skill you learned on any tutorial and applying it on something completely different that you though of, because following a tutorial in a simple "monkey see monkey do" matter anyone can do but using the ...


Show or hide a grid, guides, or smart guides Do one of the following: Choose View > Show > Grid. Choose View > Show > Guides. View > Show > Smart Guides. Choose View > Extras. This command also shows or hides layer edges, selection edges, target paths, and slices. Place a guide If the rulers are not visible, ...


you should make section break giving the first section a roman numbering while the second section having a regular numerical numbering.


Other then dragging guides down from a ruler, you can go to the "New Guide" function in Photoshop. I'm using CS 6, just so you know. This is where you can find the function. Click it, and a box will appear. From there, just put in where you need the guide and what direction you want it in, click "Ok" and you should be good to go!


try this: in Illustrator with nothing selected select SimSun as the font. This will update the default font to SimSun. copy the text out of Word and paste it into Illustrator. PS this also works for fill/stroke settings - the "default" is updated if you change the settings in the toolbar with nothing selected.


If the file is set up in reader spreads.... Export as PDF/X-1a file, single pages, with bleeds and marks. If the file is set up in printer spreads.... talk to your printer. For books and manuals most print providers really want single pages so they can properly address creep and gutters. You need to verify that printer spreads will be okay. Prepress ...


The issue is that each frame is keeping the content of the previous one. I'm assuming you have each frame as its own layer. You need to turn on a solid white layer for each frame, so that it'll hide the previous one. Or make sure on each frame the layer that contains that content is the only one visible.

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