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First of all, as Scott said, I would never advise you use Photoshop for this kind of project. Photoshop is not intended for multiple page print projects while InDesign is designed specifically for them. In fact, InDesign has a Print Booklet feature that will re-arrange your pages upon export so you don't even have to worry about this. That being said, ...


Convert to outlines and do pathfinder > merge.


It's fairly generous to say this doesn't have any pixelation going on, but it is indeed way bigger than you could normally get. I'm fairly sure that they used HiDPI mode. Original article about enabling HiDPI mode Instructions on how to enable the HiDPI mode: Run this in terminal: sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.windowserver.plist ...


This video might help you! Steps shown in video: Create a new layer, Create clipping mask over the layer on which color is to be removed Switch blending mode of new layer to color (3rd last) Paint with care (Resampling again and again for color tones) Done!


I will explain how to make one central element. The rest ist straightforward, I hope. Create three concentric circles with equal differences between their diameters (e.g., 200, 250 and 300). Create a vertical line that is as least as long as the biggest circle’s diameter. Centre that line on the circles. Duplicate that line and rotate it by 120 °. You ...


Here is an overview on how I would do it with Inkscape, which should be easily translatable to Illustrator (if not, Inkscape is free). I won’t go into the details, as it is not your desired program. Create something like this: The rectangles on the left are squares with a border length corresponding to the border length of your cube. Group the top ...


What i usually do when I'm faced with a problem I can't seem to solve is try to find some example pictures. In your case, the circle will become more of an ellipse. You could start by 'dumbing it down' to a square, and then see what that gives you. Here are some examples:


I remember in an older version of CS, back in the beginning of CS, the clone tool could be static or it could move. The user simply had to indicate a preference. That feature seems to have been removed.

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